• Minor Enhancement #5312: Custom Form Date field link issue.
  • Minor Enhancement #5321: Alternative Proxy Config Allows Matches to Exclude Going Through Proxy.
  • Minor Enhancement #5325: http_request Obeys Alternative Proxy Settings.


  • Fixed Bug #5299: Cron jobs added are of time stamp in past.
  • Fixed Bug #5300: Keyword modifiers not working properly on site map.
  • Fixed Bug #5301: Metadata date field not disabled when Use default selected.
  • Fixed Bug #5303: Trigger action set standard date, updates not search re-indexed.
  • Fixed Bug #5306: Asset map complains about the empty XML on PHP 5.3.
  • Fixed Bug #5307: Trigger condition Status changes to throws PHP notice.
  • Fixed Bug #5309: Manual asset id input processing and trimming.
  • Fixed Bug #5311: Show Diff preview incomplete highlights.
  • Fixed Bug #5314: Short form shadow asset links. 
  • Fixed Bug #5326: Trying to add an Alternative Proxy spits out PHP warnings.
  • Fixed Bug #5327: Linking to image varieties requires a dollar $ sign to work. 
  • Fixed Bug #5334: Workflow escalation custom message are have wrong subject.
  • Fixed Bug #5342: PHP 5.3 E_DEPRECATED warning in installation scripts.


  • Fixed Bug #5319: Search Manager Asset Tree and Global Weights screen error.
  • Fixed Bug #5324: Metadata Weightings in Search Manager Asset Tree Weights screen does not work.


  • Fixed Bug #5305: LDAP authentication ignores bridge asset-map position.
  • Fixed Bug #5347: LDAP Bridge not expanding for some User/User Groups LDAP entries. 

Web Services 

  • Fixed Bug #5318: JS API causing syntax error if the ajax response is undefined or null.
  • Fixed Bug #5328: JS API setAttribute() will show success even on error.

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