Squiz Matrix's new Performance Mode analyses the load times of assets within a system and presents this information to users through an in-depth timeline chart. This allows users to monitor the performance of their assets and pinpoint problem areas that may be causing excessive loading.

Performance mode is accessed by appending _performance to the URL of an asset, like so:


Performance results are displayed at the bottom of the user's browser and will regenerate as a user navigates through the assets of their site.

The performance results presented to users will include the total load time of the URL and the assets that have been loaded, identifying the worst performing assets. Certain assets, such as an Asset Listing Page, also allow users to break down their load times into individual steps; this allows you to single out at which stage an asset may be underperforming. 

Asset Listing: Option to Return No Results if Dynamic Parameters Not Found

On an asset listing page, dynamic parameters are available to source alternate root nodes and asset selections for the listing.

Previously, if the dynamic parameter that was configured could not be found (ie. no root node/selection returned), the asset listing would fall back to its static root node settings - either a configured root node or the asset listing, itself. This could potentially cause  performance issues, for example, if the static root node was pointing to a top level asset with many children.

This feature adds new options, allowing you to prevent your asset listing from reverting to its default root node settings. 

The If dynamic root not found and If asset selection not specified fields allow you to specify whether to revert back to the static root node when the dynamic root/selection is not returned or to instead return an empty result on the listing.

These options have been added to give users greater control over the results of their listings.

New Trigger Action to Remove Future Lineage Cron Jobs

When you create a future linking job on the Linking screen of an asset (to either create or delete a link), Squiz Matrix will create a one off future lineage cron job to perform this task.

This feature adds a new trigger action to remove any of these future lineage cron jobs on an asset, effectively cancelling the future link.

This trigger action allows you to specify whether to remove future lineage cron jobs of type Create, Delete or both. With these options, you can select whether to remove future jobs only when a link is being either created or deleted or to remove all future link job regardless of their type.

New Javascript API Function to Return the Asset Lineage of a URL

The getLineage() operation has been added to Matrix's JS API to return the asset lineage of an asset ID or URL. The operation takes the following parameters:

  • asset_url: the URL or asset ID of the asset to get the lineage of.
  • signficant_link_only: whether or not to return significant links only (TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 links).
  • dataCallback: the custom callback function.

An example usage of this operation is as follows: 

getLineage ("http://www.example.com/site", 1, customDataCallbackFunc);  
getLineage ("100", 0, customDataCallbackFunc); 

New JavaScript API Function to Batch Requests 

The batchRequests operation allows you to group multiple functions on the JS API into a single batched request. The response of this operation will include all the data returned from each executed function. 

The output of functions on this operation can be used as the input for subsequent functions using the following keyword replacement format:


For example, the keyword replacement %results_0_1_name% would print the value of the name parameter returned on the second element of the first array of the  response.

A blocking parameter  is available for use on each operation to stop the execution of subsequent operations if an error is returned.

An example usage of this operation is as follows: 

'0': {
function : 'getChildren',
args : {
asset_id : 100,
  levels : 1,
type_codes : 'page_standard',
get_attributes : 0
   blocking : 1
'1':  {
  function : 'setAttribute',
args : {
id : '%results_0_0_id%',
  attr_name : 'short_name',
attr_val : 'new short name'
  blocking : 1,

Enhanced JavaScript for the JS API 

A new Enhanced mode has been introduced for the Javascript API. This mode introduces scope based JavaScript to the API, presenting a more systematic and object oriented approach to your JS API configuration.

This new mode is activated on the Details screen of your JS API asset. 

The list of operations available on the JS API will remain the same as in Standard mode, however, only the operations enabled will be listed in the API's JS file, which can reduce the size of this file considerably, depending on the number of operations required.

While the response format of operations will remain the same in both Standard and Enhanced mode, operation requests in Enhanced mode are called in the following format: 

js_api = new Squiz_Matrix_API({key: '123456789'});

js_api.createAsset({parent_id : 100, type_code : 'comment', asset_name : 'blog comment ', link_type : 1, link_value: 'link value', sort_order : 1, is_dependant : 0, is_exclusive : 0, extra_attributes : 1, attributes : 'comment=comment goes here', dataCallback : customDataCallbackFunc}; 

One big advantage with this new request format is that each operation takes a single json object containing the function's parameter values, defined by key. This means that these operations are far less likely to be impacted by any new developement (for example, new parameters) added to the JS API.

The Enhanced JS API also now uses a defined NameSpace, meaning that the API is far less likely to conflict with user's existing JavaScript code on their sites.

The feature has been added to improve the overall performance of the JS API in preparation for the upcoming Easy Edit Suite release.

Existing users of the JS API should be aware that their JS API configurations will remain supported through the API's Standard mode.

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #4583: Menu Design Area Cacheable 
  • Minor Enhancement #5193: Changes to DPS Payment Gateway Asset.
  • Minor Enhancement #5194: Permissions Inherited on Imported File Bridge Assets.
  • Minor Enhancement #5199: Snippet Content Type Does Not Replace Keywords.
  • Minor Enhancement #5214: Performance Enhancement to the regen_metadata_schemas.php Script.
  • Minor Enhancement #5215: JS API: getChildren and getParents Functions Return Regular Index Arrays.
  • Minor Enhancement #5216: JS API: acquireLock Function Updates Locks if Already Acquired.
  • Minor Enhancement #5225: Form Error Handling For Uploaded File Asset Creation Failure.
  • Minor Enhancement #5226: DB Data Source: SQL Queries to Oracle Databases.
  • Minor Enhancement #5228: Asset ID Keyword Now Available on Rejection Workflow Message.
  • Minor Enhancement #5230: Email Format Error Handling for Invalid Asset ID.
  • Minor Enhancement #5238: Minifying Matrix JS Files.
  • Minor Enhancement #5239: Form SOAP Action Handles Functions with Simple Elements.
  • Minor Enhancement #5242: Asset XML Response to Return is_dependant Flag. 


  • Fixed Bug #5185: Workflow stale messages not sending and subject can't be customised.
  • Fixed Bug #5186: Can't start an alternate workflow stream by placing Up for Review.
  • Fixed Bug #5187: TRIM Saved Search Uncaught SoapFault exceptions.
  • Fixed Bug #5195: REST resource asset authentication type Pass Matrix session through doesn't work.
  • Fixed Bug #5201: PHP Fatal error on cron_job_manage_pending_accounts.
  • Fixed Bug #5205: SEI keywords list for Multi-Date Calendar Event.
  • Fixed Bug #5208: Expired workflow cron job sends workflow escalation email for every dependant assets.
  • Fixed Bug #5223: Asset Manager Get Link Lineages skips some notice links on Oracle.
  • Fixed Bug #5220: Custom form gives errors if submission logging is set to No.
  • Fixed Bug #5229: Custom form text field with height > 1 giving JavaScript error.
  • Fixed Bug #5232: Status Changed event broadcasts too early.
  • Fixed Bug #5233: Metadata keyword in design file having global keyword value not getting replaced for Custom Form.
  • Fixed Bug #5246: Export to XML script shouldn't export shadow links.


  • Fixed Bug #5192: Calendar event asset detail screen, Occurs on check box has minor js error.


  • Fixed Bug #5221: IPB authentication broken.

Web Services

  • Fixed Bug #5213: getPermissions() JS API function provides incomplete results.
  • Fixed Bug #5219: SOAP API metadata service GetSchemasOnAsset API throws error Object hasn't 'Granted' property.
  • Fixed Bug #5236: Squiz Suite will not register with older Suite products.
  • Fixed Bug #5237: Cannot de-register a registered system on Suite manager.

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