Keyword replacements within Squiz Matrix can be modified using a variety of keyword modifiers to further configure the returned values. For example, the keyword %asset_contents^maxwords:10% uses the maxwords modifier to display the first ten words of the body of the asset.

Previously, keyword modifiers were not available for use on the Page Contents and Page Contents (No Results) bodycopies of Asset Listing and Search Page assets.

This feature allows keyword modifiers to be used on these bodycopies, enabling the further configuration of your Asset Listings and Search pages.

Minor Enhancements  

  • Minor Enhancement #5423: Calendar Page Performance Enhancement Printing JavaScript.
  • Minor Enhancement #5432: Import Assets From XML Ignores Non-Existent Asset IDs.
  • Minor Enhancement #5433: Related Asset Metadata Performance Enhancement.
  • Minor Enhancement #5446: New Asset Type Icon URL Keyword Replacement.
  • Minor Enhancement #5448: New Online Poll Option ID Keyword Replacement. 


  • Fixed Bug #5366: Error handler does not correctly filter out Locale Manager.
  • Fixed Bug #5412: Replace modifier changes scope on %asset_name% in Asset Listing Type Format Bodycopy.
  • Fixed Bug #5421: Using Design asset's Styles option can break the HTML validation in the frontend.
  • Fixed Bug #5430: export_to_xml.php complains about assetid passed not being valid.
  • Fixed Bug #5437: Email trigger action on workflow events.
  • Fixed Bug #5449: Custom form - "Provide Accessible CAPTCHA" is not accessible under WCAG.
  • Fixed Bug #5457: Current asset parameters failing on set metadata value trigger action.


  • Fixed Bug #5431: Redirect page and safe editing issue. 


  • Fixed Bug #5445: Global Search and Replace Tool returns errors.


  • Fixed Bug #5439: Send email trigger not sending to recipients in LDAP group.
  • Fixed Bug #5455: Escaped LDAP DNs break top-bar in Admin interface. 

Import Tools

  • Fixed Bug #5410: Import Assets from XML Tool running out of memory.


  • Fixed Bug #5394: UTransact payment gateway invalid expiry date.

Web Services

  • Fixed Bug #5444: SOAP Server design bug.  

Funnelback Search

  • Fixed Bug #5411: check_requirements should describe xsl/xml better.
  • Fixed Bug #5413: funnelback_reindex.php breaking backward compatibility.

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