The Select question type, used on a Custom Form, allows you to specify a CSV file from your computer to automatically input the options for the Select question. This is useful for batch uploading a number of options or if you are importing an existing question's options.

Previously, this functionality was not available on the Metadata Select Field. This feature introduces this addition, allowing you to specify a CSV file when configuring the Metadata Select Field's options.

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #5462: Paint Layout: Conditional Keywords Performance Enhancement.
  • Minor Enhancement #5477: E-Com Default Delivery Method: New Keyword to Print Transaction Ref ID.


  • Fixed Bug #5460: New DIVs created in Safe Edit showing on front end before going Live.
  • Fixed Bug #5468: remove_form_submission.php corrupts sq_ast_lnk_tree.
  • Fixed Bug #5469: remove_form_submission.php doesn't clean up metadata on file system.
  • Fixed Bug #5470: Rollback view throw errors if the rollback date is older than the user currently logged.
  • Fixed Bug #5471: Mollom CAPTCHA throws fatal error when checking metadata fields value in Asset Builder.
  • Fixed Bug #5476: Missing file causes empty array to be returned from getExistingFile.
  • Fixed Bug #5478: Inserting Youtube in WYSIWYG with "Embed Youtube video" plugin doesn't resize properly in IE7/8.
  • Fixed Bug #5480: AssetID attribute doesn't work with multiple type codes.
  • Fixed Bug #5492: Form Select Question option list can not be reordered. 


  • Fixed Bug #5474: E-commerce form input names keywords.


  • Fixed Bug #5465: Execute DB Query Form Submission Action creating too many bind vars. 

Web Services

  • Fixed Bug #5472: Non-UTF8 characters in response from JS API can break the output.

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