Two new operations have been added to the JavaScript API's Traversing functionality.

The getLineageFromUrl() operation returns the asset lineage of a specified URL. This function differs from the existing getLineage() operation by returning the specific asset lineage of a URL rather than returning all lineages of the asset.

This operation take the following parameters.

  • asset_url: the URL of the asset to get the lineage of.
  • dataCallback: the custom callback function.

An example usage of this operation is as follows:

Standard Mode:

getLineageFromUrl("http://www.example.com/site",  customDataCallbackFunc); 
Enhanced Mode:

The getUrlFromLineage() operation returns the URL of a specified asset lineage.

This operation takes the following parameters:

  • lineage: an array of asset IDs in lineage order, e.g. ["80", "85", "200"] or [{"assetid":"80"}, {"assetid":"85"}, {"assetid":"200"}].
  • root_url: a root URL to filter the results against multiple roots (optional).
  • protocol: a protocol to filter the results, e.g. http, https (optional).
  • dataCallback: the custom callback function.

An example usage of this operation is as follows:

Standard Mode:

getUrlFromLineage(["4206", "4437"], "", "https", customDataCallbackFunc);
Enhanced Mode:

   "lineage":["4206", "4437"],

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #5666: Create Asset Link Function Performance Enhancement.
  • Minor Enhancement #5670: system_integrity_invalid_links.php Script Now Evaluates Notice Links.
  • Minor Enhancement #5672: Forcibly Remove HIPO Jobs With the HIPO Management Script.


  • Fixed Bug #5651: regen_metadata_schemas.php Trigger Error error.
  • Fixed Bug #5659: Asset Not Found issue for preview with difference of system version and edited version.
  • Fixed Bug #5660: Metadata WYSIWYG fields cannot be blanked out.
  • Fixed Bug #5681: Paint layouts break when using a video asset's alt asset keywords. 


  • Fixed Bug #5656: Redirect Page timeout causes infinite loop.
  • Fixed Bug #5690: Form Submission error when the Custom Form has no questions. 


  • Fixed Bug #5648: Couple of issues with Search Page with Structured Drop Down and Stored Search.


  • Fixed Bug #5650: Upcoming Event List has blank instance keyword replacements for recurring events. 


  • Fixed Bug #5671: Cannot change the value for Disable Keyword Replacements option on simple form. 


  • Fixed Bug #5669: XML Data Source breaks Attribute Without Value. 
  • Fixed Bug #5689: JSON Data Source not able to select REST Resource JS as its source. 

Web Services

  • Fixed Bug #5658: JS API releaseLocks fails when asset is Pending Approval and the user has Write Access.

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