Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Minor Enhancement #5730: New Automatic Upgrade Script Parameter to Truncate Rollback Data.
  • Minor Enhancement #5733: Improved Error Handling for Select Question Type.


  • Fixed Bug #5708: Impossible to remove links to shadow assets when Safe Trash is enabled.
  • Fixed Bug #5731: Login as and stalled Hipo.
  • Fixed Bug #5735: Running Rollback Management script more than once causes duplicate entries.
  • Fixed Bug #5736: Search table missing some metadata components when cascading multiple metadata schemas to the new asset.
  • Fixed Bug #5738: Image variety width and height break - safe edit, position format.
  • Fixed Bug #5740: RSS asset - channel pubDate and lastBuildDate transform format.
  • Fixed Bug #5744: "Remove CSS style" option in "Apply CSS style" plugin not removing the style class in IE. 
  • Fixed Bug #5746: Web paths with $ character not replaced correctly in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Bug #5747: The %user_name% keyword is not working correctly in workflow custom messages.  
  • Fixed Bug #5755: WYSIWYG metadata field default value cannot commit blank content.


  • Fixed Bug #5748: Remote Content Page requests target URL twice.
  • Fixed Bug #5751: Remote Content Page's tag replacement not working correctly. 


  • Fixed Bug #5742: Upcoming Calendar Events Page not showing events in expected order.

Web Services

  • Fixed Bug #5749: JS API createFileAsset function warns of file extension on generic file asset.
  • Fixed Bug #5752: JS API will garble already UTF-8 encoded foreign language text.
  • Fixed Bug #5753: Make SOAP Call form and form section actions ignoring CDATA content in SOAP request.

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