Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Minor Enhancement #5845: Asset Builder Selectable Create Location Enhancements.
  • Minor Enhancement #5861: Improved Error Handling for Malformed PDF Uploads.
  • Minor Enhancement #5888: Remote Content Asset URL Tunnelling Option Warning.


  • Fixed Bug #5828: The reindexSearchIndex.php script consumes too much memory. 
  • Fixed Bug #5833: Can't download File Assets over HTTPS using IE7 and IE8.
  • Fixed Bug #5844: matrixsqlclient breaks terminal. 
  • Fixed Bug #5871: Matrix emailing the workflow initiator from previous workflow process when asset pushed to Live.
  • Fixed Bug #5876: Issue with Metadata values when Deja Vu enabled. 
  • Fixed Bug #5887: %globals_asset_contents:XXXX% produces different result between protocols. 
  • Fixed Bug #5894: import_file.php script errors.
  • Fixed Bug #5895: Cancel Safe Edit status / clone asset via JS API with filter frontend user option turned on does unnecessarily escape HTML to entities.  
  • Fixed Bug #5896: SQ_CONF_REDIRECT_URL_WITH_TRAILING_SLASH redirects infinitely for a ROOT URL which is not listed main.inc.
  • Fixed Bug #5900: %created_assetid% is not working with keyword modifier. 
  • Fixed Bug #5904: Custom Form current_page_content keyword doesn't do JS frontend validation.
  • Fixed Bug #5906: Matrix ./?a=xxx url does not work when used inside the keywords. 


  • Fixed Bug #5901: Setting Form Submission asset LIVE can result in loss of all the answers.


  • Fixed Bug #5864: Using special characters in Oracle Search generates unescaped characters in file names.


  • Fixed Bug #5882: Unable to acquire locks on 'Inbox' of LDAP user with \, in CN.


  • Fixed Bug #5866: Events search not sorting when sorting by the asset attribute value.
  • Fixed Bug #5893: Run Level not restored failing to save the attributes of calendar event modification.


  • Fixed Bug #5902: RSS Data Source timeout error for some feeds.

Web Services

  • Fixed Bug #5877: SOAP Server asset sends proper HTTP authentication header.
  • Fixed Bug #5884: JS API calls to getAttributes on div content assets that contain keywords get evaluated. 
  • Fixed Bug #5890: JS API throws "Unable to get value of the property '0': object is null or undefined".

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