Matrix Requirements

Please note that the requirements for Squiz Matrix have changed. Refer to the Requirements for Matrix 5 for more information.

New Features

  • Feature #4195: Edit+ Editor Support in Administration Mode

    The Edit+ Editor, previously only available when using Edit+ for Squiz Matrix, is now available to use within the administration interface.

    This means that Squiz Plus customers who use Admin mode will have access to the full range of content editor features that were previously only available in Edit mode.
  • Feature  #164: New Administration Mode Interface 

    The back-end interface has been completely revamped with a new interface that is not only easier on the eyes, but one that is cleaner, more intuitive and a delight to navigate.
  • Feature #4882: The Lookup Settings Screen is Now Called the Paint Layouts Screen
  • Feature #2590: Warranty Key and Expiry Reminder Removal 

    Previously, Squiz Matrix used a warranty key system to reflect the status of a client's product, as reflected in their Service Level Agreement.

    Due to the introduction of Squiz Plus and improved internal processes, we are able to more easily manage these dates and expiry times, even where a client's warranty covers products other than just Squiz Matrix (e.g. Funnelback).

    As a result, the warranty key system within Squiz Matrix has been removed, along with the accompanying expiry reminder.
  • Feature #2579: Improved and Updated Squiz Matrix Password Hashing Algorithm 

    This feature replaces the hashing mechanism used within Squiz Matrix to either bcrypt() or SHA512 to generate the password hash.
  • Feature #3220: Support for PHP 5.1 and Postgresql 8.1 Dropped
  • Feature #4343: Marketo Integration Bridge  

    This feature introduces the new Marketo Bridge asset, allowing you to fully integrate with a Marketo service, allowing the system to collect user data through site interaction and submit this data to Marketo for analysis.

    Collected data can be leveraged to intelligently deliver the right content at the right time for your users on the web and in email communications.
  • Feature #679: Safely Move Squiz Matrix Around the File System

    The installation folder of your system can now be freely moved to another file system location by configuring your web server to point to a new location. As a result, the system_move_update.php script is no longer required and has been removed.
  • Feature #3237: Cache Manager Redesigned to be More Intuitive
  • Feature #5124: Developer Script Moved to a Separate Repo
  • Feature #4375: JS API: New Switch to Select All
  • Feature #1028: Password Prompt Removed for Backend Scripts
  • Feature #907: New Conditional  Content Rules 

    This feature introduces the new Conditions screen for Standard Page assets, that allows users to create and edit conditions. These conditions can then be implemented on the bodycopy containers of your asset via new Container Conditions settings. 

    Once conditions have been created on the Conditions screen of an asset, the Container Conditions settings will be available on its content containers. These settings allow you to select which conditions to use and also set up rules using AND and OR operators. Content will only be displayed on an asset if it meets the content conditions configured in these settings. 

    Additional previewing options allow you to view the content of your assets on the frontend under multiple conditions. These options allow you to test your assets and its condition rules, and are also useful in aiding marketing techniques, such as A/B and multivariate testing.
  • Feature #645: Link to Manuals Site Within Squiz Matrix
  • Feature #4897: PRNG() Replaced With RNG() Calls
  • Feature #4866: Improved Session Security
  • Feature #4087: session_cleanup Should Use Find to Delete Files
  • Feature #3977: Improved Success Data on Installation Scripts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6862: Quick search no longer fills insert image/link dialogue
  • Fixed Bug #6873: Sort order is sometimes incorrect when moving an asset under the same parent
  • Fixed Bug #6890: Custom Form TextArea should allow multiple line default value
  • Fixed Bug #6894: Unhelpful error message when no selection on required multi-select metadata field
  • Fixed Bug #6900: DateTime questions don't show as required in Accessible Form even when they are
  • Fixed Bug #6922: SOAP Data Source asset not parsing some SOAP response
  • Fixed Bug #6930: Forcibly acquiring lock system trigger sends to non-live accounts too
  • Fixed Bug #6923: Cannot export submission logs without acquiring locks
  • Fixed Bug #6926: WYSIYWG Replace Text tool doesn't replace properly for style attribute on IE9
  • Fixed Bug #6927: Order attributes not accessible after asset created
  • Fixed Bug #6928: JS API updateLink, updateMultiple link incorrect default value for argument existing link value and link lock
  • Fixed Bug #6929: Web paths do not automatically update after Create Link trigger action is run
  • Fixed Bug #6932: Remoted Content page will disable the keyword replacement at the global level
  • Fixed Bug #6934: ptdtohtml tool causing Matrix to hang
  • Fixed Bug #6937: Some conflicting user preferences throwing error
  • Fixed Bug #6939: Insert Image wysywig plugin doesn't work on IE11
  • Fixed Bug #6941: Insert Image plugin's 'Create Image' button issue
  • Fixed Bug #6942: Removing a metadata schema off an asset doesn't clear out the values on frontend
  • Fixed Bug #6943: Extension to bug fix #6610 Comparing a global string with an asset id using ^replace_keywords: doesn't work
  • Fixed Bug #6944: Trigger action join user group only joins the tagret user group ignoring parent groups of the group
  • Fixed Bug #6945: When Proxy SSL Accelerator enabled, the HTTPS protocol is not passed to external service package like SAML

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