Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed Bug #5266: ./?a=link interpretation error.
  • Fixed Bug #5270: sq_vw_ast_roles query bug.
  • Fixed Bug #5271: Paint Layout conditional keyword conditions shouldn't have Force No Cache options.
  • Fixed Bug #5279: Adding a link to an image doesn't work well in IE9 and IE10.
  • Fixed Bug #5280: Performance Mode is using wrong Matrix logo.
  • Fixed Bug #5282: Issue Counter Value trigger action throwing fatal error.
  • Fixed Bug #5285: Authenticating LDAP user throwing undefined index 'uid' error.
  • Fixed Bug #5286: Hiding Keyword Selector in metadata DateTime field breaks Edit+.
  • Fixed Bug #5291: Design Area Bodycopy prints extra space before php tag.
  • Fixed Bug #5293: Page infinate redirect when sites are linked by Site Network. 
  • Fixed Bug #5294: Permissions not working for LDAP Group linked to a regular User Group.

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