• Fixed bug #2163: Error checking for using metadata keywords in metadata field default values.
  • Fixed bug #5327: Matrix LDAP group membership shown in asset map does not respects "base/root dn".
  • Fixed bug #5332: TRIM connector better error message when connection failed.
  • Fixed bug #5335: Matrix Insert Link popup not auto filling the link id.
  • Fixed bug #5336: Dependant child asset not inheriting the asset status from the parent with workflow applied.
  • Fixed bug #5337: Edit+ WYSIWYG clickable area needs tweaking.
  • Fixed bug #5339: Sharepoint cron job run fatal error stops cron.
  • Fixed bug #5342: Event Search's "upcoming events" fuzzy field option not including today's event.
  • Fixed bug #5345: custom form undefined index error on empty file upload.
  • Fixed bug #5347: Issue with Metadata Text field in the Asset Builder form when there is multiple create types.
  • Fixed bug #5349: Cannot insert link using IE10 in WYSIWYG on 4.18.6.
  • Fixed bug #5353: Calendar Events Search Page should allow more than 4 TYPE_2 linked folders as children.
  • Fixed bug #5355: Use Me mode on asset map doesn't exclude right-clicking on assets that shouldn't be selectable.
  • Fixed bug #5359: REST Resource Page courrputing the remote content data.
  • Fixed bug #5360: Email Format WYSIWYG default HTML format failed to load WYSIWYG.
  • Fixed bug #5378: Nested user group issue with workflow when working with roles.
  • Fixed bug #5382: Double clicking on a Simple Asset Map doesn't work to expand the tree.
  • Fixed bug #5394: Paypal classic assets remove dependancy on PPCrypto.php.

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