• Minor Enhancement #6653: Global Script to Change REST asset URLs. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6655: default JS Engine changed from spider monkey to V8. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5766: SQ_CONF_ENABLE_EXTERNAL_AUTH_SYSTEMS false, still generating LDAP traffic.  
  • Fixed Bug #5887: Keyword button in WYSIWYG is unavailble on customised logged in body copy in Account Manager. 
  • Fixed Bug #6106: If you login as another user that does not have permissions, then log back in using your account the main toolbar still shows items as if you were a Login As user. 
  • Fixed Bug #6145: Login As 'cancel' button styling on IE8. 
  • Fixed Bug #6335: Deleting asset with associated Repeating Cron Job will throw PHP each time cron is run. 
  • Fixed Bug #6493: Prevent the MySource_XXX in design template to create the Empty area in the output. 
  • Fixed Bug #6583: Recurring event details screen fields need proper labels. 
  • Fixed Bug #6607: Form date field with data attribute ending in "id" with a value breaks the ID of the field. 
  • Fixed Bug #6633: Metadata Time firing trigger twice only. 
  • Fixed Bug #6637: Follow up: Disable keywords option not working with modifiers - #6236. 
  • Fixed Bug #6660: Creating a file asset via file upload question under a root node with more than 1000s of assets with same name failing. 
  • Fixed Bug #6665: search manager view asset tree weight screen undefined index error. 
  • Fixed Bug #6668: Custom Form validation rules condition stops working if questions of the form has been re-ordered in asset map. 
  • Fixed Bug #6677: error thrown when visiting 404 Not Found page: Undefined variable: cm. 
  • Fixed Bug #6683: Hit back button after SAML login will display error message: NOSTATE. 
  • Fixed Bug #6686: Triggers still reference 'MySource Matrix' in the note on Details Screen. 

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