Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed Bug #5383: Replacing asset contents does not update File Name or Upload Name.
  • Fixed Bug #5393: Asset Map: Binoculars tool don't always jump to the correct page of assets.
  • Fixed Bug #5397: SOAP API SetMultipleMetadataFields fails when setting a single field.
  • Fixed Bug #5407: Trigger Action Redirect URL doesn't work properly.
  • Fixed Bug #5408: Global Preference doesn't show updated setting after Commit.
  • Fixed Bug #5413: Metadata screen broken (due to #5347 changes).
  • Fixed Bug #5418: Site Network JavaScript warning.
  • Fixed Bug #5420: SAML Account Manager redirect issue when used under Site Network.
  • Fixed Bug #5423: Urban Airship Trigger displays wrong fields for custom parameters when locks are not acquired.

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