Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed Bug #5347: Issue with Metadata Text field on an Asset Builder with multiple create types.
  • Fixed Bug #5433: regen_metadata_by_root_nodes.php fails to process assets in workflow due to permissions.
  • Fixed Bug #5438: Disable password login for users with linked SAML account.
  • Fixed Bug #5442: Use Static Cache File option on CSS Design File causes problems after commit.
  • Fixed Bug #5449: Online Quiz: Viper WYSIWYG doesn't save supplement text field.
  • Fixed Bug #5450: Cron Job should not throw E_USER_ERROR on failing pre-checks on creation.
  • Fixed Bug #5454: Preview Screen URL broken when an asset has multiple URLs with different domains.
  • Fixed Bug #5455: Remote Content page doesn't correctly tunnel the URL with white spaces.

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