Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed Bug #5350: Bug/Asset Builder/Create Locations screen
  • Fixed Bug #5463: Clear Squid Cache tool can cause cron deadlock if scheduled job is set to repeat every 0 days
  • Fixed Bug #5479: Spell Checker plugin popup doesn't load fully and remains at 'Please wait...' status
  • Fixed Bug #5487: Regular expression asset replacement field doesn't allow spaces
  • Fixed Bug #5490: Upcoming event listing does not listed correctly in nested content
  • Fixed Bug #5492: Custom form incorrect inline error messages when Section body copies are used
  • Fixed Bug #5495: Data source XML incorrect results when nested more than once
  • Fixed Bug #5503: Accessible form sections missing closing tag since 4.18.6
  • Fixed Bug #5589: Custom accessible form does not show inline errors as per expected behaviour

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