Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed Bug #5364: IE 11 doesn't populate the link assetid for Insert link plugin.
  • Fixed Bug #5462: Adjusting Headings style in blank Edit+ WYSIWYG Content Container disables that container.
  • Fixed Bug #5485: Import Assets from XML Tool with Squiz Server leaves orphaned HIPO jobs when importing Designs.
  • Fixed Bug #5500: WYSIWYG select CSS style isn't working properly in IE 9.
  • Fixed Bug #5501: What's New asset's date range doesn't works if "Direct Links" set to Yes.
  • Fixed Bug #5510: Calendar Page broken when using default event source as root node.
  • Fixed Bug #5515: JSON data source throws error in details screen if a dynamic variable is defined in the Dynamic Input screen.
  • Fixed Bug #5516: Expanding Asset Map to show children of images doesn't work.
  • Fixed Bug #5523: Under PHP54 sq_error_handler generates new errors.
  • Fixed Bug #5527: Asset_Manager::assetExists() returns false for valid form question shadow ids.
  • Fixed Bug #5531: Array type input fields in the Asset Builder custom layout form can throw warnings when creating asset.
  • Fixed Bug #5539: Fatal error: .. 'Unable to insert new remap.
  • Fixed Bug #5549: Run test option glitch on HTTP Request attribute used on oauth token assets, rest resource asset etc.
  • Fixed Bug #5569: Remove deprecated function warning from system_apply_permissions.php script.
  • Fixed Bug #5573: matrixsqlclient fails on php 5.4.
  • Fixed Bug #5577: Styling on metadata checkboxes needs fixing.
  • Fixed Bug #5579: Larger top margin on text, clipping bottom of text, Firefox Windows only.
  • Fixed Bug #5580: Section note not displayed on asset edit interface on PHP 5.4.
  • Fixed Bug #5591: Multiple user group's snippet content type preferences settings conflict.
  • Fixed Bug #5592: RDP files served as text.
  • Fixed Bug #5594: Dejavu Management script and multiple arguments.
  • Fixed Bug #5598: Exporting 102+ terms with job_export_thesaurus_xml in freestyle mode skips some.
  • Fixed Bug #5609: Workflow Bundle error: JS error statusChange not defined and PHP error bundle status edit hipo job assetid not defined.
  • Fixed Bug #5619: Metadata select field should not allow the reserved delimiter string "; " in its key values .

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