Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5658: Nested content in form sections is cached forever; Global keywords don't work in Form Section bodycopies.
  • Fixed Bug #5659: Cascade Live Status warning doesn't show up when just ticking the Cascade Status checkbox, if asset if already live.
  • Fixed Bug #5662: Search results are getting cut-off in FF 30.
  • Fixed Bug #5665: ldap_change_dn.php doesn't update role information.
  • Fixed Bug #5667: When an asset without workflow and incomplete metadata is place into Safe Edit, Status Switcher offers an impossible status.
  • Fixed Bug #5668:  keyword not returning LDAP user info if LDAP group is linked to a Matrix user group assigned to a role.
  • Fixed Bug #5672: Quick Search can time out on (very) large systems.

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