Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5686: After submitting, an Asset Builder Metadata Fields should be populated if they were on submit.
  • Fixed Bug #5690: The pre tag needs to have a "white-space: pre-wrap;" css property in admin.
  • Fixed Bug #5692: Unable to create child asset under Data Record Asset.
  • Fixed Bug #5696: Workflow From Email Address should allow From Name to be specified with format 'fromname <fromemail@test.com>'.
  • Fixed Bug #5698: Asset id links "./?a=xxx" getting cached in Custom Form Section bodycopy.
  • Fixed Bug #5705: Setting a form to multi-page without sections throws an error.
  • Fixed Bug #5706: Multi-text metadata field throwing undefined variable "is_default" PHP notice.
  • Fixed Bug #5717: test_message.php should destroy session immediately after execution so it won't leave useless sessions on the server.
  • Fixed Bug #5742: Character Set Encoding shouldn't be configurable in interface.

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