• Fixed Bug #5436: Asset map doesn't update after cloning asset if Squiz Server is ON
  • Fixed Bug #5605: Quick search is not searching file type assets (pdfs)
  • Fixed Bug #5726: Deja Vu causes weird errors during a restart of memcached/redis
  • Fixed Bug #5779: Viper strips off YouTube iframe's src in Admin Interface
  • Fixed Bug #5850: JS error thrown after committing trigger when trigger manager is expanded in tree.
  • Fixed Bug #5910: backup.sh can't cope with $1 in a password
  • Fixed Bug #5915: MatrixUpgrades rejects valid upgrade paths and doesn't reject invalid ones
  • Fixed Bug #5924: Second level asset listing nested content "cached" the JSON Data source with REST JS Asset as the source
  • Fixed Bug #5925: %nested_get_<para>% Nested Parameter in asset listing does not work well with if the data is passing as a %ds__<para>%

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