Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5851: When a design_area tags value in a MySource_AREA is incorrect a Fatal PHP error is thrown.
  • Fixed Bug #5865: Calling trashAsset() with JS API falsely reports success.
  • Fixed Bug #5942: Cannot change e-commerce question title.
  • Fixed Bug #5943: Clear Matrix Cache HIPO not removing cache files in the file system; throws PHP warning.
  • Fixed Bug #5944: Viewing "Preview" for assets that uses metadata keywords can sometimes result in DB error.
  • Fixed Bug #5958: SAML Account Manager keeps redirecting to itself if SimpleSAMLPHP 1.12.0 is used.
  • Fixed Bug #5964: SOAP Data Source error when response contains XML and XML elements have attributes.
  • Fixed Bug #5981: Custom form question's answers cached in session when refreshing the form as public user.
  • Fixed Bug #5987: convert_database.php script failed to run final rebake step.

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