Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6002: Asset Finder Icon (binoculars) is not working with LDAP User. JavaScript Error.
  • Fixed Bug #6011: Can't rename image asset when cloning without error.
  • Fixed Bug #6025: Form submission actions should not progress if an action validation fails.
  • Fixed Bug #6081: Importing exported xml content that contains Custom Forms leaves Form Questions orphaned.
  • Fixed Bug #6082: CSS File Folder does not work well when minfication is enabled.
  • Fixed Bug #6083: Custom Form: Validation JS errors are thrown on confirmation screen.
  • Fixed Bug #6091: Create Asset trigger action in 5.1.2.
  • Fixed Bug #6101: on PHP 5.4 Illegal string offset 'protected' error shows if there is custom bodycopy preference.
  • Fixed Bug #6132: Lack of charset/content type header in paintLogin causes redirect loop in patched IE8.

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