Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5980: Using the new WYSIWYG editor for question options in the Online Quiz Multiple-Choice Question asset caused <p> tags to surround the text upsetting listing format.
  • Fixed Bug #6131: When trying to reorder a question in a Custom Form via Asset map a non descriptive error is show.
  • Fixed Bug #6198: Export xml not working correctly with keyword on Emails on Custom Form asset.
  • Fixed Bug #6219: Form Select Field Mandatory not working with Empty.
  • Fixed Bug #6222: The Asset Tree / Types screen should be consistently named.
  • Fixed Bug #6223: Oracle DB error with system_integrity_invalid_remaps.php and system_integrity_invalid_links.php.
  • Fixed Bug #6228: Cannot change the class using Apply CSS Styles plugin in WYSIWYG in IE9.
  • Fixed Bug #6233: Custom Form's download submission log not working as expected in Simple Edit mode.
  • Fixed Bug #6235: Duplicate "Format Block" option in the WYSIWYG toolbar.
  • Fixed Bug #6238: Image variety created not inheriting the parent image's "alt title" attribute value.
  • Fixed Bug #6239: htmlspecialchars() function causes texts to disappear.

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