• Minor Enhancement #6150: Tagif to Handler HTML Attributes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6241: Donation attribute keywords not displaying on asset listings / cart. 
  • Fixed Bug #6395: Conversion from RAW HTML to WYSIWYG (Viper) will break the backend for some HTML code. 
  • Fixed Bug #6406: On a new Standard page, there are 4 empty options in the Container's Content Type property.
  • Fixed Bug #6410: Rollback queries that have JOIN clause are not pointing to tables correctly. 
  • Fixed Bug #6414: When changing permissions on an image with varieties, Matrix warnings are shown. 
  • Fixed Bug #6426: HIPO processing windows/screen clipping off the content table.
  • Fixed Bug #6430: Matrix Ecom DPS payment gateway not working anymore.  

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