• Minor Enhancement #6737: Placeholder Attributes for Text-Based Form Questions.
  • Minor Enhancement #6739: Custom Form Select Field Enhancement for Empty Values.
  • Minor Enhancement #6742: New SPAM Prevention Tools on the Password Reset and Bulkmail Subscription Pages. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6844: SOAP Data Source: New Option to Not Parse XML in SOAP Response.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

  • Minor Enhancement #6589: Improved Error Reporting When Linking Assets With the Same Web Paths.
  • Minor Enhancement #6740: Placeholder Attributes for Text-Based Form Questions. 
  • Minor Enhancement #6785: Improved Error Handling on JS API Incorrect Queue Length Error. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #3727: Don't allow deletion of Online Quiz asset's submission folder
  • Fixed Bug #3733: When asset is beyond the pagination threshold in Asset Finder, selecting a child file asset causes an error when redirecting
  • Fixed Bug #5687: Clicking "Use Default" on Metadata Select Fields Does not Revert to Original Value in Edit+
  • Fixed Bug #5756: Nesting multiple Calendar page assets in the same design causes problems with SQ_CALENDAR_VIEW
  • Fixed Bug #5900: Linking Page not displaying correct values when parent asset is itself linked to more than one asset
  • Fixed Bug #5929: Purging asset from trash produces warning message in backend
  • Fixed Bug #6010: When formatting an email adress in the to and from fields to contain a name with the . the email address is hidden
  • Fixed Bug #6294: WYSIWYG editor breaks, and cannot edit anymore
  • Fixed Bug #6326: Add width style to upload field in image details screen
  • Fixed Bug #6661: Pagination on Whats New Asset
  • Fixed Bug #6693: File Name sizes now restricted to 240 bytes
  • Fixed Bug #6724: Using Funnelback OEM, editing CSS Design File throws error
  • Fixed Bug #6758: Asset map scroll position resets in IE when dragging between Tree 1 and Tree 2
  • Fixed Bug #6762: Increase size of asset ID text fields
  • Fixed Bug #6768: When the Asset Finder is launched with a small width the Title and Description are pushed below the icon
  • Fixed Bug #6775: trim saved search fail to serve attached file in correct extension (MIME) for file with long file name
  • Fixed Bug #6776: system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php script not fixing the invalid uff8 chars in the array keys in serialsed data
  • Fixed Bug #6778: invalid xml chars comes in as TRIM record breaks TRIM sync
  • Fixed Bug #6779: Disable Keywords does not work for Keyword Modifiers or Condition Keywords
  • Fixed Bug #6786: Calendar events should be allowed to get created under calendar pages
  • Fixed Bug #6793: LDAP Bridge with caching option enabled will throw db error in Oracle system
  • Fixed Bug #6795: global pref screen throws error: Call to undefined function list_dirs()
  • Fixed Bug #6797: Asset_Manager::generateRawContent() setting the paint layout globally
  • Fixed Bug #6805: Can't change nest content divs back in to WYSIWYG divs
  • Fixed Bug #6806: LDAP bridge still references Mysource Matrix
  • Fixed Bug #6808: HTTPs links are always returned as broken links in Links Report
  • Fixed Bug #6809: Broken links report erroneously reports image varieties
  • Fixed Bug #6820: Thesaurus assets display wrong number of children in hierarchy mode
  • Fixed Bug #6822: Nested Content saving its backend edit screen content as its "html" attribute value
  • Fixed Bug #6827: Dots in Search page search field names cause duplicate get parameters
  • Fixed Bug #6830: Unnecessary double JS validation for "required" form email and numeric type questions
  • Fixed Bug #6846: Including an upcoming events listing via globals_asset_contents keyword into a nested design area breaks calendar pages
  • Fixed Bug #6851: Remote Page edit function not checking if the edit fields are submitted
  • Fixed Bug #6852: Edit+ crash while editing custom form asset
  • Fixed Bug #6853: Illegal string offset 'granted'
  • Fixed Bug #6873: Changing webpath of an asset affecting the paint layout setting for different asset
  • Fixed Bug #6878: Workflow not being added to children assets
  • Fixed Bug #6881: The keyword in Recurring Events evaluates to 1 Jan 1970
  • Fixed Bug #6893: PHP Notice "array to string conversion"
  • Fixed Bug #6909: Metadata schema application events fire twice and both times before it's applied
  • Fixed Bug #6924: assetFinderLocations are not all included in search results
  • Fixed Bug #6938: Form action keywords gives blank file content
  • Fixed Bug #6932: The X in the close button of the Asset Creation Wizard is not centred in FF
  • Fixed Bug #6940: Not all lineage possibilities returned for shadow assets by JS API _getLineage
  • Fixed Bug #6944: User type restriction in the "Session Expiry Rules" in the global preference not working correctly
  • Fixed Bug #6950: Links report returning false negative result for external urls that requires redirection

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