• Fixed Bug #6864: Asset Builder validation always fails for Events with Start Date set as required
  • Fixed Bug #6869: Paint Layout - Add Custom Asset Type list - Form exists twice in the list
  • Fixed Bug #6955: Recursive keyword protection for ^replace_keywords
  • Fixed Bug #6966: Image variety lookup errors say they are due to deleting lookups when failures occur while inserting lookups
  • Fixed Bug #6970: "FIXME: Unknown toolbar item: addsnippetkeyword" when creating new DIV in WYSIWYG editor
  • Fixed Bug #6991: When JS API errors with a json_encode issue, the response is still added to the end in error
  • Fixed Bug #6995: JSON data source asset caching the result if access multiple times in same process
  • Fixed Bug #7013: Reason phrases should not be matched in Broken Links Report
  • Fixed Bug #7014: Broken Links Report: Redirect Pages with leading spaces report missing protocol
  • Fixed Bug #7015: Broken Links Report does not understand 303 response code
  • Fixed Bug #7018: Design Menu Area Sub area can not be customised in more than 1 Design Customisation
  • Fixed Bug #7021: Physical File from File Bridge breaks when printed to public and cache header is enabled
  • Fixed Bug #7023: Design menu area still prints links despite permission denied
  • Fixed Bug #7033: Fix colour contrast AA fail in top black header in Admin Mode
  • Fixed Bug #7037: LDAP Bridge does not handles dn with colon ":" char
  • Fixed Bug #7043: Export/Import XML - Calendar Search Page not importing as expected
  • Fixed Bug #7046: Unable to use an LDAP User/User Group as the main asset of a JS API call
  • Fixed Bug #7054: Auto remaps getting generated for Image Varieties despite of "Add Auto Remaps" option disabled
  • Fixed Bug #7066: Listing Page sorting by Select metadata field not respecting raw/presentation value option
  • Fixed Bug #7071: Metadata WYSIWYG note misaligned in Edit+

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