• Feature #7149: Main.inc: SQ_CONF_FUNNELBACK_INDEXING_USER

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6012: LDAP Bridge seems to be broken when expanding groups that defines its members.
  • Fixed Bug #6730: HIPO configuration screen text inputs width is cutting off text.
  • Fixed Bug #6761: Items that cannot be deleted via Asset Contents Screen can be deleted directly from the Asset Map.
  • Fixed Bug #6996: Redis database option doesn't work.
  • Fixed Bug #7099: User asset status not cascading Live status change when user logs in.
  • Fixed Bug #7106: Some JS API functions don't have "Set all to" button.
  • Fixed Bug #7148: .
  • Fixed Bug #7150: Assigning search field to target news item summary or body produces WYSIWYG on front end.
  • Fixed Bug #7155: Re-order content containers styling broken in Edit+.
  • Fixed Bug #7167: You are able to open multiple Trash Asset confirmation prompts by pressing delete on Keyboard.
  • Fixed Bug #7177: Links Report needs to set the user agent info when doing curl.
  • Fixed Bug #7189: Order summary and XML stored as html encoded value in E commerce Order asset.
  • Fixed Bug #7196: Nest Content: When paint layout (or dynamic or GET param) settings change, not all contexted content files are updated.
  • Fixed Bug #7198: Trigger Folder Details screen just throws an error.
  • Fixed Bug #7199: undefined method getSpecialPage().

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