• Feature #7405: replace_keywords fails on two Ecom Cart asset specific keywords.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6373: Online Quiz submits User Details Form - Select field with html text instead of text in 'value' attribute.
  • Fixed Bug #6710: SAML Account Manager Asset will not accept some keyword modifiers in the Return Location URL field.
  • Fixed Bug #7064: Spaces in directory names cause Bulk File Import to silently fail.
  • Fixed Bug #7267: Paint Layout Asset Type lists should be filtered to only show Assets that can be used.
  • Fixed Bug #7433: Import of assets by XML overwriting contents of JS File with same name.
  • Fixed Bug #7434: %global_asset_contents*% keyword not working on the REST call trigger action body.
  • Fixed Bug #7439: Asset listing type list doesn't include parent asset types.
  • Fixed Bug #7447: Invalid Matrix asset ID link in rollback mode throwing fatal error.
  • Fixed Bug #7472: "preg_match" keyword modifier outputting numerical values for empty "success"/"failure" string.
  • Fixed Bug #7473: Index page asset doesn't always include data from Site URL path in Analytics for Edit+ when an index page for multiple sites.
  • Fixed Bug #7482: Join User Group For Session trigger won't work with Squiz Server.
  • Fixed Bug #7487: Importing Design file from XML gives "unauthorised file path" error.

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