Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #1984: Asset Finder: Selecting an asset that the user does to have access to and clicking 'refresh' results in no panels loaded.
  • Fixed Bug #2198: Asset finder panels do not load if a parent in the lineage lacks read permissions for current user.
  • Fixed Bug #6206: Honeypot question WCAG 2 AA errors.
  • Fixed Bug #6231: Keyword with modifiers are not interpolated in Custom Form 'Run Database Query' submission action.
  • Fixed Bug #6251: If one or more Edit+ plugins are disabled in Global Preferences a JS error is thrown with WYSIWYG containers.
  • Fixed Bug #6259: Imported XML custom form assets do not update the asset ID in the Receipt Recipient Question.
  • Fixed Bug #6262: Analytics Screen showing on Custom Form when analyticsViewId not set in config file.
  • Fixed Bug #6263: SAML integration using HTTP POST protocol binding failed to user POST method.
  • Fixed Bug #6264: Asset Map still not working for Simple Edit Users when using classic WYSIWYG plugins in Edit Mode.
  • Fixed Bug #6265: Move questions icons on not displaying on From/Form Section on IE8 & IE9.
  • Fixed Bug #6268: Keyword regex condition doesn't let you do a custom %globals_date_% keyword.
  • Fixed Bug #6272: Using Keyword Regular Expression condition can't use Marketo global keyword properly.

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