• Minor Enhancement #6347: Allow for custom keywords to be added into the logical keyword condition.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

  • Updated HTML_CodeSniffer Accessibility Auditor to version 2.0.2 (see changes).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6202: Hide frames for simple edit.
  • Fixed Bug #6322: Immediate Matrix log out. 
  • Fixed Bug #6356: Removing links through the Linking screen (and JS API generally) does not respect Safe Trash. 
  • Fixed Bug #6377: Can't disable "formatting" plugin without breaking Edit+ WYSIWYG. 
  • Fixed Bug #6379: File Upload destination disappears from asset picker if asset ID is six digits or longer. 
  • Fixed Bug #6384: If Google Analytics Connector connects to an account with no profiles of its own, benign warnings appear on the Details screen. 
  • Fixed Bug #6391: Dejavu Management script initial setup. 
  • Fixed Bug #6391: JS API not working under IE8 on Apache. 
  • Fixed Bug #6404: Session problem that affects SSO login between 2 sites sharing session of Parent Domain. 

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