• Minor Enhancement #6150: Tagif to Handle HTML Attributes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #4962: Recurring event wizard radio/check options order inconsistant.
  • Fixed Bug #6237: JS API: moveLink not returning an error when given the same assetid for old/new parent. 
  • Fixed Bug #6332: E-Commerce Order keyword () incorrect grand total. 
  • Fixed Bug #6341: Searching for URL in quick search should only search for web paths. 
  • Fixed Bug #6357: When workflow is applied, user should still see content screen in read only mode. 
  • Fixed Bug #6370: Missing linking screen children in Edit+. 
  • Fixed Bug #6397: Excluded asset types in menu design area still force sub menu design area to print. 
  • Fixed Bug #6415: Bottom padding for Matrix asset map with scroll bar. 
  • Fixed Bug #6441: Send Form Submission to Email cron job not setting the job's last run time. 
  • Fixed Bug #6450: Call to undefined function make_raw_post_data() line 1729. 
  • Fixed Bug #6453: REST Resource Page not passing GET vars with array data. 
  • Fixed Bug #6454: When only 1 stream is available in a multi-stream workflow, an empty stream list still appears.
  • Fixed Bug #6455: backup.sh should exit with a non-zero status if pg_dumb can't be found. 
  • Fixed Bug #6457: When using Edit+ Editor, the HTML body of an Email Format will not show ULs correctly. 
  • Fixed Bug #6458: Pressing Enter key in 'Login As' box always prints the irrelevant Search in Process message. 
  • Fixed Bug #6477: Newly created asset not inheriting parent's Write permissions for user who created the asset. 
  • Fixed Bug #6478: TRIM Saved Asset better error handling. 
  • Fixed Bug #6482: Form getChildren() returns an empty array if multiple type codes are provided. 
  • Fixed Bug #6484: Redirect Page and Link assets not saving the asset ID in the asset picker field. 
  • Fixed Bug #6486: Data Record asset can't be created under Calendar Events.

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