• Minor Enhancement #6578: OAuth and SAML Account Manager: Escape User Data Array Index.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #4962: Recurring event wizard radio/check options order inconsistent.
  • Fixed Bug #6419: %nested_' keywords are not functional when used in Conditions.
  • Fixed Bug #6512: Link to shadow assets broken.
  • Fixed Bug #6534: Metadata Date fields year display incorrectly for Y and y dates earlier than 1 Jan 1970.
  • Fixed Bug #6535: Uploaded files losing their names in Custom Form when using Save button.
  • Fixed Bug #6540: Keywords for related asset metadata field do not work if the name of the field contains spaces.
  • Fixed Bug #6543: PHP 5 Strict Standards Warning when using Asset Manager to get a Metadata Schema.
  • Fixed Bug #6548: Changing file asset's name attribute via trigger action does not update its web path.
  • Fixed Bug #6561: Illegal string offset description, default, protected in file pref.

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