• Minor Enhancement #3922: DIV Deletion Confirmation Prompt Enhancements.
  • Minor Enhancement #6579: New Updated Date Information on the Settings Screen of Assets.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

  • Minor Enhancement #4930: Content Editing: Window Position Retained After Saving.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5681: Ecommerce Checkout page requires web path screen.
  • Fixed Bug #6247: Default error messages need full stops and class names.
  • Fixed Bug #6301: import_from_Xml tool throwing memory limit errors.
  • Fixed Bug #6316: Export/Import XML - Design Parse file not updating asset ids in './?a' links.
  • Fixed Bug #6365: Clicking cancel on the display conditions pop up doesn't actually cancel your changes.
  • Fixed Bug #6417: %globals_asset_href% returns different result in /_nocache and /_recache.
  • Fixed Bug #6470: Secure esec Payment Gateway no longer working in test mode.
  • Fixed Bug #6525: SecurePay loading message does not cover screen properly.
  • Fixed Bug #6532: Dot in asset names with trailing digits.
  • Fixed Bug #6580: Update delete container confirmation dialogue.
  • Fixed Bug #6595: Rest Resource asset unnecessarily replaced keywords when making request.
  • Fixed Bug #6596: Certain metadata date config breaks metadata screen.
  • Fixed Bug #6597: Wrong web path is picked for files created.
  • Fixed Bug #6615: Promotional code value stored in the ecom order even if the code was not accepted.
  • Fixed Bug #6617: Public read granted via group and IP restrictions shouldn't send cacheable headers.
  • Fixed Bug #6618: Custom Forms with no sections throw 'no children' error.
  • Fixed Bug #6622: Keyword modifiers return unexpected results on account manager keywords.
  • Fixed Bug #6628: TRIM download file enhancement to prevent existing files not being updated when resuming a failed sync.
  • Fixed Bug #6639: Clear Squid cache hipo job should not store the url's entire output to the db.
  • Fixed Bug #6640: Sorting by non-existent metadata field in listing pages causing fatal error.
  • Fixed Bug #6647: Ecom Datacash Payment Gateway - Test mode throwing PHP error.

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