• Minor Enhancement #5306: SharePoint Package: SharePoint 2013 Integration Support.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

  • Minor Enhancement #3993: Creation Wizard: Disable Use Current Asset as Parent Button for File Type Assets.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6469: Secure esec Payment Gateway default display formatting keywords.
  • Fixed Bug #6509: Analytics view breaks due to Google API limit on regular expression (128 characters).
  • Fixed Bug #6635: Set session variable Trigger doesn't use the triggering asset as the current asset.
  • Fixed Bug #6648: New sections on Custom Form asset in Safe Edit are under construction but publicly available.
  • Fixed Bug #6669: Status warnings need to be consistent with Admin interface.
  • Fixed Bug #6680: Incorrect permission error message when no write access is held.
  • Fixed Bug #6681: Asset root node in Asset Finder with no read access causes permission error.
  • Fixed Bug #6692: Custom Form Email Options - Empty html version (using WYSIWYG) is sending a blank <p>.
  • Fixed Bug #6697: Set Session Var Trigger Action selects are still enabled when locks aren't held.
  • Fixed Bug #6698: Conditions for some keywords don't work unless the keyword is included on page elsewhere.
  • Fixed Bug #6701: Calendar Page not returning recurring event instance in some specific dates.
  • Fixed Bug #6706: Refreshing Asset Map collapses expanded trees when using Asset Map Root Asset setting.
  • Fixed Bug #6707: Snippets keyword plugin not showing up in WYSIWYG.
  • Fixed Bug #6723: Folder asset can't be created under Calendar Events.
  • Fixed Bug #6725: Low contrast on pagination links in table headers.
  • Fixed Bug #6726: Remap Manager fields editable when locks not acquired.
  • Fixed Bug #6738: Yes/No button sliders using incorrect title attributes.
  • Fixed Bug #6745: When submitting Quick Search in IE, the Search in Progress box does not show up.
  • Fixed Bug #6750: PayPal asset names inconsistent.
  • Fixed Bug #6763: Workflow rejection message should send to approvers in previous steps.

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