Updated Edit+ Installation
The Standard Page Edit+ nester configuration for Edit+ has slightly changed for this version. Please refer to the installation guide for more information.

New Features

  • Feature #989: Metadata Select Field Enhancements
    This feature introduces enhancements to the Details screen of the Metadata Select Field, allowing you to more easily set and configure the available options.

    Previously, adding options to a select field was done via the New Options field. This functionality has now been incorporated into the Select Field Options list, allowing you to quickly add an option directly to your existing list of options, without having to click the Commit button.

    Options can now also be re-ordered with ease by simply dragging and dropping your existing options to their desired location in your options list. 
  • Feature #1279: Resize the Asset Map 
    This feature introduces new functionality allowing you to drag to resize the asset map, right in the Admin Interface.

    To resize the asset map, users need to just hover over the bar to the right of the asset map, click and drag across to either decrease or increase the asset map's width. Can't get much more simple than that!

    Dragging the asset map completely to the left of the screen will hide the asset map, in a similar manner to existing functionality (clicking the arrow).

    Additionally, Matrix will store your set asset map width in your browser's local storage so that it will be retained the next time you log into your system.The Asset Map Width global preferences will now act as the minimum allowable width for the asset map. Users will not be able to decrease the size of the asset map past this value (other than when hiding the asset map).   
  • Feature #2194: Link Type Indicator in the Asset Finder
  • Feature #2443: Edit+ WYSIWYG Upload Image Tool  
    Previously in Matrix when creating new content, you would have to upload any images to use as a separate task to the content editing experience. For example in Admin Mode, you needed to add a new image asset as a completely separate process. Only once it was created as an asset could you then incorporate it into the content using the insert image tool in the WYSIWYG.

    This Insert Image tool in the Edit+ WYSIWYG now has the image uploading process built into it. This means that you never have to leave the content editing screen to upload and use images. You can simply select an image to upload, choose a location in Matrix to create it under, upload to Matrix, and continue content editing, all through the Insert Image plugin. 
  • Feature #2676: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Asset Cloning   
    A new Clone Asset tool has been added to the Asset Creation Wizard within Edit+ for Squiz Matrix, allowing you to clone an existing asset within your system.

    The Clone Existing Asset button will be displayed when first opening the Asset Creation Wizard, and will display additional asset cloning options when clicked.

    The Clone Asset tool works in a similar manner to cloning assets within the Administration interface, allowing you to specify the asset to clone, enter a name for the cloned asset and the location where the asset will be cloned. 
  • Feature #2977: Purge Trash Tool Enhancements 
    The Purge Trash tool in Squiz Matrix allows you to remove the assets on your system that are currently in the trash.

    This feature introduces a new field to purge assets based on their age, as well as new scheduling options.

    The Link Age field allows you to specify a time period value. If this field is set, when a user selects to purge the trash and clicks Commit, only links in the trash that are older than the specified time period will be purged.

    Additionally, a new Purge Trash Job Scheduling section has been added on the Purge Trash screen, allowing users to set a scheduled job for purging trash, where you can also specify the root nodes and/or link ages to purge. 
  • Feature #3199: Preview Screen: Responsive Screen Width 
    This feature introduces a new global preference to set pre-defined screen sizes for users when viewing the front-end of an asset on the Preview screen.

    This tool is useful when creating sites with responsive designs, allowing you to create and preview your asset in a variety of different device screen sizes.

    Preview Screen Sizes can be configured by defining the width and height of the screen. These configured screen sizes will then be available for selection on the Preview screen for users via a new Screen Size field. A default screen size can also be set.

    When a user selects a screen size from the available list, the asset preview will reflect the selected configuration, as displayed below. 
  • Feature #3757: Improved Format for Downloaded Logs
  • Feature #3992: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Scroll to Error on Failed Save
  • Feature #4017: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: DIV Highlight to Indicate Change
  • Feature #4108: Support for All Day Event Creation
  • Feature #4400: Image Variety Support for Thumbnail of Asset
  • Feature #4650: Matrix Suffix URLs Changes Carried Over to Edit+ for Squiz Matrix
  • Feature #4883: Automatic X-UA-Compatibility Headers
  • Feature #5080: Global Preferences Screen More Consistent 
  • Feature #5113: Patch Method Added for REST Functions
  • Feature #5256: Edit+ Login Screen Wording Changed
  • Feature #5333: Localisation Support in Admin Interface
  • Feature #5365: New Exiftool Tool for Metadata Extraction 
    Squiz Matrix will now use Exiftool for metadata extraction, which supports different image metadata formats such as EXIF, XMP, IPTC, etc.  The previous tool used by Matrix, the PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit was used for extracting XMP data only.

    Once upgrading to Matrix 5.2, systems using the old PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit tool will receive a warning regarding the missing Exiftool when attempting to create or upload new image files.

    Additionally, previously extracted image metadata using the old tool will remain unaffected, until the metadata is re-extracted using the new Exiftool tool. 
  • Feature #5425: Asset Map Creation UI Improvement
  • Feature #5458: Custom Form: New Keywords to Access Content of Submitted Files   
    New keyword replacements have been added to the Custom Form asset to return the content of files uploaded in form submissions.

    Additional asset keywords have also been added for use on listing pages and formats, for example, listing submissions of a Custom Form and showing the size of each submission. 
  • Feature #5474: Nested Content Container: Improved Layout and UI
  • Feature #5949: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Multiple URL Support on the Analytics Screen
  • Feature #5950: Improved Google Analytics Data Generation
  • Feature #5951: Analytics Audience Tab Summary Boxes
  • Feature #5956: Link User Groups Under System Administrator Folder 
    This feature introduces the ability to link user groups under the System Administrator folder, an option which was previously unavailable. 
  • Feature #5967: Improved Pagination When Viewing Submission Logs
  • Feature #5977: Workflow Schemas: Customise the Workflow Started Message 
    The Workflow Started Message is sent when workflow is initiated on an asset, inviting users to approve or reject changes to workflow. Previously, this notification was not available to be customised. This feature introduces the ability to now configure the content of the Workflow Started Message.

    The content of the Workflow Started Message can be customised on the Custom Messages screen of a Workflow Schema. 
  • Feature #5985: Edit+ Analytics Screen: Improved Language Support Data Information
  • Feature #5994: View and Edit Form Submissions in Edit Mode 
    This feature introduces the ability to view and edit Custom Form submissions via the simple edit interfaces within Squiz Matrix, like Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.
  • Feature #6067: Nested Content Container: Improved Layout and UI
    The Nested Content Container Type allows you to take the content of another asset in your system and display it inside the content of another page. For example, nesting a question form or list of news articles.

    This feature introduces a new layout and UI for the Nested Content Container to provide improved usage and consistency.
  • Feature #6080: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Responsive Screen Width in Preview Mode 
  • Feature #6088: Conditional Content: New 'Condition Not Met' Logic    
    Previously, the conditional content options on content containers only allowed you to display content when specified conditions were met. This feature introduces new logic on the Edit Container Display Conditions pop-up, allowing you to stipulate that content should be displayed when a specified condition(s) is NOT met.

    This functionality was previously only available through the use of keyword replacements.The new All conditions must NOT match and At least 1 condition must NOT match options work in a similar manner to the existing corresponding 'matching' logic options.  
  • Feature #6089: Matrix Installation Improvement for Apache User
  • Feature #6094: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Icons to Indicate Conditionally Displayed Content 
    This minor enhancement introduces new icons to indicate to users when a container has conditionally displayed content.
    When conditions have been set on a content container but have not been enabled, the Edit Display Conditions icon will be highlighted grey. When these conditions are enabled, the icon will turn orange. 
  • Feature #6095: Container Conditions Pop-Up UI Improvements
  • Feature #6105: Login As Tool Enhancement
  • Feature #6108: OAuth2 Token: New Expiry Time Setting
  • Feature #6134: Edit+ WYSIWYG Upload Image Tool 
  • Feature #6213: Safe Edit Status Support Removed from Some Assets
  • Feature #6244: Edit+ WYSIWYG Upload Image Tool: Insert From Word  
  • Feature #6345: Container Conditions Enhancement
  • Feature #6422: Service Provider Metadata Enhancement for the SAML Account Manager
  • Feature #6438: Assign User to User Group Trigger Action 
    The Assign User to User Group trigger action has been added in order to add the current user (i.e. the user who fired the event) to a specified user group, or list of groups.

    Users can be assigned to user groups either as a physical link, or for the current session.  
  • Feature #6439: New Trigger Events: User Login via SAML and OAuth2 
    New events have been added to the Trigger package within Squiz Matrix, to fire a trigger when a user logs into the system via SAML and Oauth2.

    The User Login via SAML and User Login via OAuth2 trigger events can be selected in the Events section when creating a new trigger. 
  • Feature #6440: JS API Features for Funnelback Intergration
  • Feature #6446: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Reduced Screen Icon Sizes
  • Feature #6463: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Google Analytics Goal Tracking 
    This feature supports the viewing of your Google Analytics Goals within Edit+ for Squiz Matrix. Goals allow you to measure the success of specific website objectives, such as visiting a specific page, clicking on a particular link, or buying a product from an e-commerce shop.
    Information on the goals you have configured within your Google Analytics account can now be viewed directly within Edit+ for Squiz Matrix via a new Goals tab on the Analytics screen.

    You can view an overall summary of the goals you have created, as well as select individual goals to view the specific statistics for that goal. Daily conversion graphs, traffic sources, user types and other additional data is provided for your goals, as well as a ranking of your most converted goals.

    Like the other Analytics tabs, the Goals screen provides a time period switcher tool, allowing you to toggle goal data between one, three and six months. This allows you to view your data on both a long and short term scale. 
  • Feature #6494: Advanced Keyword Matching Trigger Condition
  • Feature #6516: JavaScript API, cloneAsset: New Parameter to Specify Clone Name 
    The cloneAsset() operation on the JavaScript API allows you to clone an asset under a specified parent, while also specifying the number of clones to create and their link type.

    This feature introduces the new clone_name parameter, allowing you to set a new name for the cloned asset(s). 
  • Feature #6519: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Abbreviated Stat Function for Long Analytics Statistics   
  • Feature #6531: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Improved Shadow Asset Suppoer
  • Feature #6558: Redirect and Link Asset Support for the Edit+ WYSIWYG
  • Feature #6577: Metadata Support for LDAP Users
  • Feature #6609: Morph Asset Trigger Action Enhancement 
    The Morph Asset trigger action allows you to morph an asset to a new asset type, for example from one user type to another. Previously, assets needed to have a status of Under Construction to be able to morphed from one asset type to another.

    This enhancement adds a new option, allowing you to bypass this restriction.

    The Enforce Under Construction? field allows you to disable this setting. By default, this field will be enabled, meaning that the target asset must be in Under Construction status before it can be morphed. Disabling this option will allow you to morph assets of any status.  
  • Feature #6614: Google Analytics Connector Enhancements
  • Feature #6624:New Form Submission Trigger Events 
    Two new events have been added to Matrix's Trigger package to allow you to fire a trigger when form submission is created and/or completed.

    The Form Submission Created trigger event will fire the trigger when a form submission is first created, after the user's answers to the questions on the initial form page. This event will fire irrespective of whether or not the submission is logged or not.

    The Form Submission Completed event, on the other hand, will fire the trigger when the form is completed and submitted. 
  • Feature #6627: New Keyword Modifiers: Append & Prepend 
    This feature introduces four new keyword modifiers to prepend and append text to the returned value of a keyword replacement.

    The append modifier will append a given string at the end of a returned value. An additional append_if modifier is also available which will append a given string only if the returned value is not empty.

    The prepend modifier will prepend a given string at the beginning of the returned value. Like the append modifiers, a prepend_if modifier is also available to prepend a given string if the returned value is not empty.  
  • Feature #6631: Edit+ Editing UI Improvements
  • Feature #6646: New SugarCRM Token Asset  
    Sugar is a customer relationship management system that can integrate with your CMS, Search and Marketing Automation platforms to help you build a single-view of your customer, in order to provide a greater insight into your users.

    This feature introduces a new SugarCRM Token asset to Matrix, allowing for more streamlined integration with your Sugar platform.

    Once a connection has been established, this asset can be used in conjunction with Matrix's REST web service functionality to perform authenticated API calls to Sugar. This means that the REST features on assets such as Triggers and Custom Forms can be utilised to make web service calls to Sugar. The response data of these calls can then be used for a variety of purposes, including stored as metadata against an asset, or to personalise content.

    Through the use of this new connector asset, Matrix User assets are now able to be synced to a record ID in Sugar using a new trigger action: Sync Matrix User to SugarCRM Record. This will allow for logged in users in Matrix to be synced and tracked as contacts in a Sugar system.
  • Feature #6702: File Attachments on Custom Form Emails and Send Email Trigger Action 
    This feature adds the ability for the Custom Form to attach any asset as part of the form submission emails, either from a fixed or dynamic location.

    The new Custom File Attachments sections on the Email Options screen of the Custom Form allow you to configure the attachments on the form submission emails.

    This new email attachment functionality has also been extended to the system's Send Email trigger action. The Custom File Attachments settings will now be displayed when configuring the Send Email trigger action on the Trigger Manager. 
  • Feature #6715: Quick Search Performance Enhancement
  • Feature #6733: OAuth2 Token Now Respects Global Proxy Settings
  • Feature #6746: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Screen Position Retained When Switching to Preview Mode and Back
  • Feature #6754: Safe Edit Support for Custom Form Sections
  • Feature #6815: Content Containers 'Glow' When Modified
  • Feature #6817: Screen Locks Not Released On Commit Unless Specified
  • Feature #6823: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Goal Type Icons on Analytics Screen
  • Feature #6898: Session Expiry Method Improvements
  • Feature #6903: Missing CSRF Token Warning on Edit+ Loading Screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5947: Re-order Google Analytics View screens in Admin Mode in line with Edit+'s categories
  • Fixed Bug #5984: Analytics screen on View asset doesn't show the loading screen when loading the summary screen
  • Fixed Bug #6084: When using a confirmation page, a Single page Form becomes a Multipage form.
  • Fixed Bug #6203: Ability to change asset status without aquiring locks
  • Fixed Bug #6500: Issues with the date field type on custom form editing
  • Fixed Bug #6593: Ability to reorder the trigger actions not working
  • Fixed Bug #6598: System setting hints confusing
  • Fixed Bug #6650: Adding another web path produces Function not found for processing field "Web Paths/
  • Fixed Bug #6690: Matrix crops up warning when a Paint Layout is created
  • Fixed Bug #6813: Duplicate session cookies being sent
  • Fixed Bug #6816: New that are created in the Metadata Select Field need Title
  • Fixed Bug #6833: Metadata screen is missing label/help text
  • Fixed Bug #6834: What's new page missing labels
  • Fixed Bug #6867: Purging Trash shows Matrix warning
  • Fixed Bug #6895: Missing function warning on Thesaurus asset
  • Fixed Bug #6897: Accessing Trash Folder's details screen throwing fatal error in the newly installed system
  • Fixed Bug #6901: Events have their containers duplicated on Screen after saving
  • Fixed Bug #6923: Asset Creation WIzard - Image File - Alt Text Error message needs to be styled.
  • Fixed Bug #6933: Duplicate "Minify" option in JS/CSS File Folder asset
  • Fixed Bug #6941: Toggling Checkboxes in Global Preferences throws JS errors
  • Fixed Bug #6954: Datetime attributes cannot be set by JS API to dates outside the range 1970-01-01 to 2030-12-31
  • Fixed Bug #6956: Adding image variety of different type throws error, still creates variety

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