Bug Fixes

  • Bug #7212: Expand/collapse icons are sometimes reversed in the asset map
  • Bug #7422: Fix for Online Quiz submission log issue when specifying question pool
  • Bug #8166: In Admin the New Child sub menu in the Asset Map is sometimes placed at the incorrect x pos
  • Bug #8642: Error when cloning custom forms that have "Submission Limit"
  • Bug #8748: Edit+ (JS API) error when importing OpenDocument files
  • Bug #9048: Setting the Default Sort-by Option to Asset Id field value in the Calendar Events Search Page produces Matrix Error
  • Bug #9049: Editing the 'Asset is Tagged' Type Format in an Asset Listing throws Fatal Errors.
  • Bug #9088: Sugar CRM token gets invalidated randomly sometimes
  • Bug #9089: Form's Submission Action displaying "Drag to Reorder" title all over the table, instead of "Reorder" column only
  • Bug #9129: check requirement script error if run before Matrix installed
  • Bug #9143: The script import_asset_csv_to_matrix.php does not encode metadata values
  • Bug #9155: In Edit+, the Image asset Create and Details screen need to have a string change to make it consistent with admin
  • Bug #9157: Form Submission Action - Make SOAP call is fired by any HTTP Verbs besides GET/PUT/PURGE
  • Bug #9158: Edit+ failing to load Asset Finder if the main site is linked to Trash Folder
  • Bug #9171: Matrix allows to change the page status to live with empty mandatory metadata date field.
  • Bug #9201: Viper or Matrix doesn't keep new lines inside <pre> tags in a WYSIWYG
  • Bug #9206: Make get variable parameters on nested assets contextable
  • Bug #9213: Painting Form Submission asset using %question_answer_XX_qYY_file_id% keyword will throw undefined index error
  • Bug #9218: Combo box default parameter boolean  'FALSE' is being converted to ''
  • Bug #9222: CSS Design asset adds two empty tabs at the beginning in ouptut
  • Bug #9227: Online Quiz Multiple Choice Question option 'Use Bodycopy for Question Text?' in Question Text is always being set to Yes after acquiring locks/commiting

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