Security Enhancement

  • Security Enhancement #9175: You should not be able to login as a user you don't have write access to

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #8162: Problem with text of options on recurring date field in event asset builder
  • Bug #9187: Single Calendar Event fails to calculate time due to Daylight Saving Time
  • Bug #9347: Have to select a WYSIWYG container twice to activate the Insert Table and Insert Character Viper buttons
  • Bug #9376: Matrix should filter long web paths
  • Bug #9377: Metadata Date fields in Custom Body Copies within Asset Builder use same ids and names if multiple create assets are selected
  • Bug #9400: Fix pagination link styling in Admin interface
  • Bug #9529: 404 not found page and password change page could not translate ./?a=xx Matrix url
  • Bug #9531: Duplicate running "long" cron jobs
  • Bug #9533: Sugar Sync Record Trigger Action throws matrix error when Existing Record ID doesn't existing
  • Bug #9541: Matrix - Ecommerce Promo Code Possible Bug
  • Bug #9560: Edit+ Related Asset metadata extraneous post data
  • Bug #9568: Matrix throwing PHP warning if the Snippets are linked under Site asset (or any non-folder and non-bodycopy assets)
  • Bug #9606: SAML single-sign-out not working
  • Bug #9617: regen_metadata_by_root_nodes.php improvements
  • Bug #9734: Oauth2 authentication with SugarCRM doesn't refresh token properly
  • Bug #9741: SAML Account Manager create user causes error: Asset does not exist
  • Bug #9753: Asset map should URL-decode shadow asset link IDs before they go into the data elements in the HTML

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