• Feature #712: Admin Mode: Checkbox UI Design Enhancement
  • Feature #5897: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Improved Asset Location  Error Handling
  • Feature #6240: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix: Submissions Limit Options in Custom Form
  • Feature #7101: Test Mode for Ad-Hoc Bulkmail Jobs
  • Feature #7175: Create Test-Based File Types Without Requiring a File Upload
  • Feature #7209: New Keyword Modifier to Return Array Data for a JSON String 
  • Feature #7245: Convert to UTF-8 on Application/JSON Content Type

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6847: Accurate root URL selection.
  • Fixed Bug #7134: The slide button in Edit+ popup image plugin should be activated by single click, as opposed to the current double click.
  • Fixed Bug #7162: PL Translation for Responsive tool.
  • Fixed Bug #7168: Go To Linking Screen button doesn't add tree_id for file assets.
  • Fixed Bug #7215: Unrestricted file URL (__data) getting cascaded to children unexpectedly.
  • Fixed Bug #7229: Workflows with multiple streams choosing incorrect stream in Edit+.
  • Fixed Bug #7250: Merging session expiry user preferences setting throwing undefined index errors.
  • Fixed Bug #7262: Calendar search asset fuzzy logic is broken.
  • Fixed Bug #7265: Asset updated trigger event fires twice when updating image asset.
  • Fixed Bug #7269: Stop possibility of non-well-formed HTML breaking the WYSIWYG content type.
  • Fixed Bug #7270: Form reCAPTCHA validation options showing "invalid captcha" error even when form is refreshed.
  • Fixed Bug #7271: .
  • Fixed Bug #7272: reCAPTCHA does not respect Matrix proxy settings.
  • Fixed Bug #7273: Morph asset trigger action Morph From and To type code is missing code types.
  • Fixed Bug #7288: Cache header no longer sent for assets if current user is not Public User, and Public User Only setting is OFF.
  • Fixed Bug #7289: Asset listing grouping by keyword not working in Matrix 5.2.

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