• Feature #5263: Automatically logging users into Matrix during the account creation phase.
  • Feature #6135: Improvements to JS/CSS File Folders.
  • Feature #7127: Urban Airship Trigger Action needs to be updated to comply with their API v3.
  • Feature #7202: Payment Express Gateway (DPS) - Additional Custom Fields.
  • Feature #7267: Paint Layout Asset Type lists should be filtered to only show Assets that can be used.
  • Feature #7328: Add support for keyword modifiers in Ecom Delivery Method and Ecom Cart.
  • Feature #7357: allow decision tree question's "question destination" attribute to be used by keyword.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #7093: Thesaurus Terms broadcast a broken event when creating under other terms.
  • Fixed Bug #7300: Support UTF-16 conversion for JSON data source feed.
  • Fixed Bug #7318: Missing checkbox icons in asset linking screen and few other places.
  • Fixed Bug #7322: All emails become invalid after PHP upgrade to 5.4.
  • Fixed Bug #7323: Conditional keywords break in safe edit when nested into design for users with read access.
  • Fixed Bug #7326: Bulk mailer cron sending duplicate emails for same bulkmail job.
  • Fixed Bug #7337: Metadata field notes misaligned in Edit+.
  • Fixed Bug #7338: Calendar search pages printing weird stuff when keyword is used.
  • Fixed Bug #7350: Drag and drop to change form field order in Edit+ not working.
  • Fixed Bug #7355: Selecting "no default selection" on radio button field in custom form in edit+ actually selects first option as default.
  • Fixed Bug #7360: PHP error if you set a standard page asset as another page's thumbnail.
  • Fixed Bug #7368: Can't change Link type values from Linking 'Linked children' screen.
  • Fixed Bug #7377: Oauth 2 token should not redirect user to login when it found its stored token has expired, it should just trigger an error.
  • Fixed Bug #7378: Asset Listing - Asset Type listing including all the system assets.
  • Fixed Bug #7379: Edit+ Go To Metadata Screen button not working.
  • Fixed Bug #7383: Enable keyword modifiers for Online Quiz asset.
  • Fixed Bug #7385: Edit+ wrongly claiming assets are dependant in Asset Creation Wizard.

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