• Feature #5795: Call REST Resource: Keyword Support in Validation Rule
  • Feature #7461: New Keywords for Next and Previous Sibling Assets
  • Feature #7507: New E-Commerce Keywords for Price Excluding Tax
  • Feature #7521: Reverse Keyword Modifier
  • Feature #7546: Assets Per Page Input Field Enhancement
  • Feature #7554: Expand Asset Map When Binoculars Selected on an Asset
  • Feature #7556: E-Commerce: New %transaction_response% Keyword Replacement

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #7535: Payment Express Gateway (DSP) - Additional custom fields missing MerchantReference field.
  • Fixed Bug #7557: Wrong display on the Current Selective Email Rules.
  • Fixed Bug #7564: Google Analytics: with more than a few goals, the Goals screens break.
  • Fixed Bug #7566: Cannot delete the items in the 'Results Fields' field in TRIM Saved Search.
  • Fixed Bug #7570: Logs screen throws 'File Not Found' notices on fresh 5.2+ systems.
  • Fixed Bug #7576: Related Asset Listing page is missing various labels and notes.

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