• Feature #5540: Global keywords support in REST Response trigger condition
  • Feature #5604: Prevent metadata fields being created with problematic characters in the field name
  • Feature #5723: Trashing an asset using linking screen needs better labels and notes
  • Feature #5952: Add a default value of %asset_attribute_price% to the Price Source field in the Ecommerce Form Page
  • Feature #6001: html_forms.js is included once for each item when using asset selections on an asset listing
  • Feature #6037: Ability to re-order form submission actions
  • Feature #7480: Change default setting for Perform Roles Check to "No" on Search Page based assets
  • Feature #7583: Improve styles and layout on the data source record set details screen
  • Feature #7585: Add htmlentities keyword modifier
  • Feature #7592: Keyword - Return the Last nth Characters
  • Feature #7598: Allow Form Submission Action - Make  SOAP Call to have a custom log

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #7119: Hit count listing page does not include root asset in listing results.
  • Fixed Bug #7227: SAML Account Manager Populate/Sync User Attributes Setting will lost if Matrix User to Create is changed.
  • Fixed Bug #7525: keyword in Search Page Asset throws error.
  • Fixed Bug #7529: Interface Mode condition in triggers firing PHP notices when no locks are held on the trigger.
  • Fixed Bug #7548: .
  • Fixed Bug #7584: Sharepoint Saved Search triggers sync when screen is committed.
  • Fixed Bug #7591: Client side Validation in custom forms for tickboxes has syntax error.
  • Fixed Bug #7593: Calender Page throwing fatal db error for the Recurring Event asset with some specific setting.
  • Fixed Bug #7597: Contenteditable attribute to be removed.
  • Fixed Bug #7599: Asset Counter Report does not generate report, throws php warning instead.
  • Fixed Bug #7624: Export and Import assets from XML tool doesn't retain Simple Edit Layout metadata keywords.
  • Fixed Bug #7627: getLineageFromUrl not returning lineages for __data URLs from Web Folders.
  • Fixed Bug #7631: Asset map sometimes collapses after actions within the main frame.
  • Fixed Bug #7632: After saving changes in Edit+ you are scrolled back to the top.
  • Fixed Bug #7642: Cache Manager Permission Level Caching setting not working. Clarifying Caching Levels settings.
  • Fixed Bug #7643: Cloning a Custom Form asset unnecessarily loading its Submission assets.
  • Fixed Bug #7651: If an asset in a lineage also has a NOTICE link to its parent asset, using Binoculars will try to open the Asset Map to sort order -1.
  • Fixed Bug #7661: Adding extra attribute values on the extras field for text fields causes invalid HTML.

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