• Feature #6385: Dynamic workflow only accepts single value ID.
  • Feature #7321: Include detail in error.log for LDAP lookup failures.
  • Feature #7641: File_id keyword should work with question_answer keyword.
  • Feature #7698: Sort the form submission action list alphabetically.
  • Feature #7699: Make global keywords work on the TRIM form submission action.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6826: Workflow keywords are treated as invalid when not in workflow.
  • Fixed Bug #7228: SAML Account Manager cannot Sync/Populate the User Attributes if the User Type is Morph.
  • Fixed Bug #7329: Global keywords in standard pages get evaluated on customisation rather than page when in /_login.
  • Fixed Bug #7540: Simple Edit Screen for metadata has 'Use Default' option for WYSIWYG when showing via the individual keywords.
  • Fixed Bug #7652: Custom Form - Step Action did not fire if the right sequence if there is any question unattached to any section.
  • Fixed Bug #7663: Viper ideas to be included in Matrix for & 
  • Fixed Bug #7675: #7559 follow up for 5.2.
  • Fixed Bug #7677: Using an arbitrary Paint Layout on nested content container doesn't allow you to clear it and also breaks edit+.
  • Fixed Bug #7678: Form Submission Actions td has an unwanted border.
  • Fixed Bug #7682: metadata date field is printing date even though it is empty.
  • Fixed Bug #7691: Viper causes matrix php warnings when embedding image varieties.
  • Fixed Bug #7692: Cloning assets in Edit+ throws incorrect dependent asset error.
  • Fixed Bug #7697: Custom form - File upload question - Uploaded File Size rule.
  • Fixed Bug #7704: Call REST Resource Trigger Action Validation Rule options are still enabled when locks aren't held on the trigger.
  • Fixed Bug #7707: Web path screen displays no content.
  • Fixed Bug #7711: Creating a Calendar Page with metadata schema applied (cascading from parent) throwing DB error.
  • Fixed Bug #7712: Undefined variable: s in design customisation.
  • Fixed Bug #7714: Hit Count Listing page throwing fatal error when using "Empty result" result option for "If dynamic root not found".
  • Fixed Bug #7718: Memcache Session Handler doesn't respect comrpession threshold settings, possibly should not use compression at all.
  • Fixed Bug #7722: Metadata field name validation needs improvement.
  • Fixed Bug #7747: Morph Asset Trigger action - no 'Simple Edit User' option in "Morph from Type" select field.

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