• Feature #5430: SOAP API Workflow Commenting
  • Feature #7467: Better IO Load on Log Rotation
  • Feature #7657: Wider Name and Short Name Fields on Calendar Search Page Asset
  • Feature #7887: SOAP Available Functions Listed Alphabetically
  • Feature #7963: Wider Workflow Schema Name Fields
  • Feature #7999: Matrix Logs Rollback Being Enabled/Disabled
  • Feature #8016: Performance Fix for Rendering Menu Design Areas When Roles System is Used

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #5759: .
  • Fixed Bug #6456: When zoom is reduced below 100% in Asset Finder, columns with a scrollbar start becoming too thin for their contents due to the scrollbar not changing in size.
  • Fixed Bug #6899: Avoid unnecessary error entries on request for SQ_ACTION=send_security_key.
  • Fixed Bug #6926: Better handle non-UTF8 responses in LDAP replies.
  • Fixed Bug #7582: Input fields are display as editable when acquire lock is set on metadata schema details page.
  • Fixed Bug #7688: Edit+ Preview Mode Show Diff incorrectly enabled.
  • Fixed Bug #7723: Disabled attribute on optional file input fields break Custom Form.
  • Fixed Bug #7835: Bulk File Import tool - restricts caption to 255 characters.
  • Fixed Bug #7859: Export/Import of Online poll does not correctly update Current Question Asset Picker.
  • Fixed Bug #7861: Typing assetid in trash purge screen.
  • Fixed Bug #7874: Metadata Schema Details: subsequent New Restriction 'Inherit' label points to first checkbox.
  • Fixed Bug #7893: Merging user group's "Bodycopy Container Preferences" preference throwing undefined index errors.
  • Fixed Bug #7895: .
  • Fixed Bug #7897: Display matrix error message and warning message when try to set the future permission on the permission screen.
  • Fixed Bug #7905: Workflow comment message will not be saved if at least one condition will be auto approved.
  • Fixed Bug #7909: Saving conditions and properties on content containers make them lose their changes.
  • Fixed Bug #7916: Configuring JS in external tools reports incorrectly.
  • Fixed Bug #7933: Design Template made SAML Account Manager unable to generate the valid SAML Service Provider Metadata.
  • Fixed Bug #7944: Creating new Country form field in Edit+ on Custom Form throws JS error.
  • Fixed Bug #7949: WYSIWYG metadata field in Edit+ styling slightly broken.
  • Fixed Bug #7950: When creating a new image using asset creation wizard in Edit+, toggling on Yes for decorative image clears the text field but does not disable the text field.
  • Fixed Bug #7951: Asset Creation Wizard in Edit+ shows the type code instead of the friendly name when creating assets for certain types.
  • Fixed Bug #7961: Preview in Edit+ adds unecessary horizontal scrollbar.
  • Fixed Bug #7962: Search Page printing the result page with form tags.
  • Fixed Bug #7964: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 - User Group Name input field needs to be wider.
  • Fixed Bug #7970: Trigger 'folders' cannot be deleted, HIPO job stalls.
  • Fixed Bug #7974: 5.1, 5.2 Trigger log messages are missing asset reference.
  • Fixed Bug #8005: Related Asset Listing page is missing asset type.
  • Fixed Bug #8041: .
  • Fixed Bug #8044: When a JS API batch request contains an invalid asset ID, the resulting output is blank.

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