• Feature #7374: Provide cURL error code on _REST object for failed requests.
  • Feature #7817: Enable ability to create children of an asset in workflow.
  • Feature #7993: Edit+ Asset Creator - file asset creation unsuccessful message needs to be more clear.
  • Feature #8092: Metadata Screen inputs out of visible space.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #6810: Dynamic stream selection not recognising a future status change.
  • Fixed Bug #6896: Public user should ignore cascaded status changes.
  • Fixed Bug #6958: Click on an external link to a Word Document on Preview screen cause Edit+ to freeze.
  • Fixed Bug #7075: Certain window and content heights prevent you from scrolling all the way down with Viper.
  • Fixed Bug #7279: Image asset order locked on Edit+ linking screen, when one of images is set as thumbnail.
  • Fixed Bug #7336: Escaped HTML entities in metadata field description breaking the Edit+ metadata screen.
  • Fixed Bug #7415: Edit+ preview should respect links that are set to open in new windows.
  • Fixed Bug #7477: If you hold locks on assets, then visit the same asset in rollback mode, the Release Locks button is shown
  • Fixed Bug #7630: Table properties editor in classic WYSIWYG doesn't render images.
  • Fixed Bug #7635: Trailing newline at end of root URLs config setting causes sq_web_path function to break.
  • Fixed Bug #7676: #Edit+: Links Screen slightly broken when "Move to Trash" clicked from Contents Screen.
  • Fixed Bug #7693: Cloning, linking and creating assets using the asset map needs to be consistent.
  • Fixed Bug #7713: Cannot remove aribitraray paint layout set in nested content container.
  • Fixed Bug #7886: Assign user to user group trigger action forgets about existing parent groups when listen to Trigger event SAML login.
  • Fixed Bug #7908: When you first enable display conditions on a container, switching to preview mode after save doesn't show you conditions preview tools.
  • Fixed Bug #7947: Image Plugin in Edit+ has several issues in News Items and Calendar events.
  • Fixed Bug #7959: Open in new window function for Viper fails to load and throws JS errors.
  • Fixed Bug #7976: WYSIWYG metadata field 'Use Default' checkbox in Edit+ is activating Viper.
  • Fixed Bug #7978: If Trash purge the root node id is 20+ chars, or alpha PHP fatal error is shown.
  • Fixed Bug #7979: Incorrect Comment in code for public function getWebDataPath() in asset.inc.
  • Fixed Bug #8010: container property contextable.
  • Fixed Bug #8047: TRIM Connector showing false negative "Not connected" status.
  • Fixed Bug #8053: Account Manager Page fails to set user status after email validation.
  • Fixed Bug #8062: TRIM and Sharepoint stops logging last SOAP request / response in the log in case of error if NTLM authentication is used.
  • Fixed Bug #8063: Permissions grant log message is completely wrong.
  • Fixed Bug #8066: Selecting Thesaurus terms via the Metadata Screen while in Edit+ is broken.
  • Fixed Bug #8074: tax_name bug on Ecommerce checkout page keyword replacement.
  • Fixed Bug #8077: PayPal Payflow Pro payment gateway default bodycopy content has invalid keyword "transaction_gst"
  • Fixed Bug #8083: In Edit+ the Save button retains a glow after clicked.
  • Fixed Bug #8087: Snippets keywords don't work in simple edit layouts.
  • Fixed Bug #8088: Globals user metadata keywords don't work in simple edit layout.
  • Fixed Bug #8089: Metadata on LDAP users retrieved via JS API comes with extra unexpected escaping.
  • Fixed Bug #8090: Error with question_answer_qxx_yy_file_id keyword.
  • Fixed Bug #8114: system_integrity_fix_char_encoding.php script not handling the serialised data within the serialised data.
  • Fixed Bug #8124: Cache Manager Root Node Specific Asset Field.
  • Fixed Bug #8128: Meta redirect tags in content can cause page redirection in _admin interface.
  • Fixed Bug #8138: Issue when Matrix merges the Asset Map root node user preference for the user belongs multiple groups.
  • Fixed Bug #8141: Incorrect required metadata fields warning on wysiwyg fields.
  • Fixed Bug #8143: SOAP response keyword can not print SOAP response that is a straight value.
  • Fixed Bug #8151: Empty WYSIWYG message in Edit+ editor is missing.
  • Fixed Bug #8158: RSS Data Source should use cURL instead of fopen()/fsockopen() to fetch.
  • Fixed Bug #8167: File assets missing URL remap section interface in the web path screen.
  • Fixed Bug #8168: Select Field Options Bug (Firefox).

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