• Minor Security Enhancement #8239: Asset map to mask asset names the user doesn't have read access to

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #6812: Classic WYSIWYG's "Replace Text" plugin fooled when a custom font is applied to the bullet/number
  • Bug #8184: Word file search index
  • Bug #6209: Minor WYSIWYG Bug in FF where cursor moves to the top after a sentance
  • Bug #8307: Duplicate keyword is added on keyword select box in online quiz asset
  • Bug #8300: The 'src' attribute of the 'iframe' html entity is stripped form wysiwyg containers when you acquire locks on the asset
  • Bug #8299: installation step 3 of a fresh Matrix sometime triggers php warning "" is not a valid value for attribute "selection"
  • Bug #8288: Invalid %globals_asset_contents% keyword throwing PHP notice
  • Bug #8284: Trailing slash redirect disabled with query string
  • Bug #8279: Image upload button in Viper on FF doesn't open if popups are blocked
  • Bug #8262: Image mouse selection in WYSIWYG containers does not work as expected in IE 8,9 and 10.
  • Bug #8258: IE8 Editplus JS error when a page has a nested div in it
  • Bug #8250: In Edit+ 'All Day' 'Single Calendar Events' end date is always set to todays date on Save
  • Bug #8247: SOAP Submission Action will be failed silently if the field is too large
  • Bug #8246: "asset_metadata_" keyword in the Logical Condition of Asset Conditions does not save additional value
  • Bug #8238: If there are multiple URLs in a HTTP_Request attribute using OAuth 1 authorization, the second and subsequent URLs get multiple Authorization headers
  • Bug #8234: Send Email Form Action throws JS errors on commit
  • Bug #8225: Database not restored properly when asset is deleted
  • Bug #8222: SAML Account Manager error entry_asset index undefined
  • Bug #8220: Online Quiz - question order not being randomised
  • Bug #8215: Sugar CRM token "You do not have write permission to save the Access Token"
  • Bug #8212: Big bottom margin at the end of edit section in edit+ on metadata details page
  • Bug #8208: Incorrect changes made warning when contents haven't changed
  • Bug #8198: SAML Account manager needs to be able to handle GET parameters for redirect url
  • Bug #8195: Errors cloning assets
  • Bug #8192: Set Metadata Trigger Action with Asset Metadata Updated Event causes Matrix Timeout (endless loop)
  • Bug #8161: Pressing backspace in WYSIWYG content not triggering "save" button in <= IE10
  • Bug #8159: Setting default value on metadata select field can sometimes be incorrect
  • Bug #6993: Update Custom Form "Upload Youtube Submission Action Section" to use OAuth 2.0
  • Bug #5334: Hide commit button when editing HTML in WYS

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