Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #8477: A script to identify and fix Rollback entries with time gaps

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #7988: Assign User to Group trigger action will remove the other user group in run time
  • Bug #8020: Low bandwidth value for format setting of body design area not valid
  • Bug #8301: Infinite loop in the metadata causing failed memory limit.
  • Bug #8373: Asset listing nested in menu design area has blank root node on HTTP 404 page
  • Bug #8381: Remote Content Page Remote URL help text points to a random domain
  • Bug #8431: ./?a= links not being rewritten in login design
  • Bug #8436: Link age checking feature on purge trash screen only checks exclusive link value
  • Bug #8444: Using Double quotes in Decision Tree's options breaks admin interface
  • Bug #8449: You can create multiple type 1 links to the same asset using createLink in the jsapi
  • Bug #8457: viper insert keyword for asset lineage not working
  • Bug #8464: Page Fails to render on Marketo Get Lead error
  • Bug #8493: Editing details screen of the Form Section's customised format bodycopy container causing infinite loop
  • Bug #8508: Custom Form - File Upload Field Keyword is broken in the Custom Form Action - Make Soap call section
  • Bug #8517: DB conversion script incorrectly converting NULL to empty string in workflow table for 'wflow' field
  • Bug #8547: Cache manager lies about Accelerator Cache Expiry
  • Bug #8549: Cannot delete Section in a Custom Form in Edit+.
  • Bug #8556: further fix to #8198, preserve $_GET URL parameters for SAML login
  • Bug #8557: Iframe in contents causes preview mode to throw JS errors when trying to resize the window in Edit+
  • Bug #8562: Matrix tries to replace keywords incorrectly if ( or ) are in a keyword with container set to disable keywords
  • Bug #8569: Export/Import XML - designs with /?a= links fail to finish correctly
  • Bug #8580: Asset list "Exclude Assets" field won't allow selection of Shadow Asset
  • Bug #8597: purge trash by link age looks at wrong timstamp
  • Bug #8624: Rollback unique violation error when adding multiple links at the same time
  • Bug #8652: If there are no containers on a standard page, you can't create any, in Edit+
  • Bug #8655: Metadata screen in Edit+ only shows the 1st schema heading
  • Bug #8663: Asset log screen not showing "Link Create" and "Link Delete" log types
  • Bug #8671: Can't clear root node specific root node selections on cache manager
  • Bug #8673: asset builder re-populate fields in creation process would convert some charactors to html entity unnecessarily
  • Bug #8679: invalid html in admin interface: data-id"'.$asset->id.'"
  • Bug #8697: linking screen error Undefined offset: 0 when you view children linking

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