Bug Fixes

  • Bug #7674: Password Reset Page - redirect to the page for registered users after an unsuccessful attempt to change the password.
  • Bug #8009: Make installation requirements compatible with usage.
  • Bug #8221: Cascading status from Metadata Schema details page doesn't change status on child assets.
  • Bug #8356: Inconsistencies in the way dependent parent status is extended to children on create.
  • Bug #8619: WYSIWYG (Viper) Search & Replace tool doesn't Find Next item after first item.
  • Bug #8685: Assets with Create Locations no longer carry the Fixed Create Location when exported as xml.
  • Bug #8690: If a user doesn't have at least write access to all the children of an asset, Edit+ won't load the linking screen.
  • Bug #8691: Ecom Cart keywords %product_quantity% and %product_total% not working when accessed via paint layout keyword.
  • Bug #8709: invalid HTML template="--" attribute appearing in containers set to display block.
  • Bug #8716: can not save changes System Config screen for SQ_CONF_SYSTEM_ROOT_URLS, SQ_CONF_SYSTEM_PARENT_DOMAINS and SQ_CONF_FORWARDED_IP_PROXY_LIST.
  • Bug #8718: Typo for "image" in Keywords Dropdown/select box in admin mode for a content container.
  • Bug #8725: show if design area screen cosmetic error if condition is user IP.
  • Bug #8728: Search Folder's getLinks() filters is broken.
  • Bug #8729: Using JS API function getLineageFromUrl() for non-restricted URL always returing NULL for "link_type".
  • Bug #8730: REST interfaces lie about URL field not being set in read only mode.
  • Bug #8734: remove_old_cron_jobs.php script does not run, errors.
  • Bug #8765: Matrix is not supported by SimpleSAML 1.14+ anymore.
  • Bug #8782: Sharepoint Create Record Form Submission Action interface broken.
  • Bug #8787: SAML Account Manager Single Logout fails because confusion of Single Logout Service asset with Assertion Consumer Service asset.
  • Bug #8792: CSS styles nested in a Standard Page breaks the backend interface.
  • Bug #8796: Bug: PHP vomit when nesting asset with paint layout in Upcoming Events Listing.
  • Bug #8810: When any Viper plugins is disabled, the insert link plugin would not show the asset selector icon.
  • Bug #8814: Not found page throws matrix warnings for some global keywords.
  • Bug #8820: Accessing asset's Log screen on leap day throws fatal db error.
  • Bug #8827: Submitting form with _nocache suffix would not submit in asset builder form.
  • Bug #8830: File asset's Edit File screen in rollback mode rendering the file content (js/css/html) in the edit screen output.
  • Bug #8841: Asset attribute "short_name" cannot be updated in News Item asset.
  • Bug #8844: Stream selection in Edit+ doesn't work.
  • Bug #8851: Edit+ Content screen throws JS error when asset is in workflow.
  • Bug #8859: Standard keyword conditions don't work properly when used on paint layouts type formats.
  • Bug #8864: Missing display names for the related asset listing page.
  • Bug #9300: Edit+ reset image dimensions leaves Save button disabled.

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