Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #6879: Logging for changes to file assets

    A new type of logging has been added for File based assets called "file.updated". This log will track changes made to a file and will allow you to download the file at any specific point in time of when it was updated. This will especially be useful for reverting accidental overwritten text based files such as CSS and JS.
  • Minor Enhancement #8178: New keyword: asset_status_code

    A new keyword has been added to print the status code of an asset. %asset_status_code% will print the code associated with the current status on an asset.
  • Minor Enhancement #7664: Workflow comment box when approver is the editor needs to act as the approval comment
  • Minor Enhancement #5374: Allow using XPath for XML Datasource to enhance the XML Datasource to handle same tag name in different levels

    When selecting with tag names to use to extract values from on an XML Datasource asset, you can now use the XPath syntax to extract specific tags that share the same names as tags on other levels of the XML structure.
  • Minor Enhancement #8170: Show bodycopy div name in Edit Contents
  • Minor Enhancement #7401: Assets without a URL should still be able to get previewed
  • Minor Enhancement #8248: Start Position on listing assets needs to accept keywords for dynamic values

    Similar to the "Assets Per Page" setting on listing assets, the "Start Position" setting now supports dynamic keywords as the setting value. For example, passing a URL parameter of "start=3" to an asset listing and setting the "Start Position" value to %globals_get_start%, will make the asset listing start the list at position 3.
  • Minor Enhancement #8240: Finish up remaining UI tweaks and improvements for new Edit+ styles
  • Minor Enhancement #8229: Remove "The" from the keyword titles
  • Minor Enhancement #8227: Allow Sharepoint Update cron job to be scheduled on a time of day instead of a fixed time

    Similar to the TRIM Scheduled Job, the Sharepoint version can now be configured to be run at any time instead of the previously fixed time of 00:00.
  • Minor Enhancement #8196: Add note and update public key value representation for SSH key
  • Minor Enhancement #8176: Oauth 2.0 2-legged authentication

    OAuth2 2-legged authentication has now been added as a new authentication method within Squiz Matrix. This is similar to the already existing OAuth2 3-legged authentication where user needs to be redirected to another website server to login and authenticate the connection. This new 2-legged method inherits current OAuth2 functionality but doesn't require any redirection on the front end, Matrix will instead work in background to grab the Access Token directly from the end point using server side interaction calls.
  • Minor Enhancement #8136: Add keywords for all form submission attributes

    New keywords have been added in order to make all Form Submission attributes available as keyword replacements.
  • Minor Enhancement #8036: Add Ace code editor for REST JS code editing areas

    The new code editor that was introduced in Matrix has now been added to the REST capable assets.
  • Minor Enhancement #7705: Update file contents JS API function

    A new JS API function has been added that allows you to update the contents of a file by passing the file data as a base64 encoded string. This is particularly useful when creating front-end web apps that let you create and update file assets such as images without the need to use asset builders or a simple edit layout.
  • Minor Enhancement #7578: Display user thumbnail image in Edit+ user drop down

    The thumbnail/related image associated with the current user's asset will now get displayed with clicking on the user details drop down button in Edit+. This was enabled as a follow up to the new styles in Edit+ which were introduced in Matrix
  • Minor Enhancement #7380: Add keyword modifiers for base64url decoding and encoding

    A couple of new keyword modifiers have been added to enable encoding and decoding of strings into base64url format. This is similar to the already existing base64 keyword modifiers, except they encode the string slightly differently to cater for use in URL implementations in order to properly escape URL sensitive characters. One example where this is required is when integrating with the Google Gmail API. A ":no_pad" argument can also be passed to strip whites pace characters from the end of the string.
  • Minor Security Enhancement #8239: Asset map to mask asset names the user doesn't have read access to

    A minor security enhancement has been added that hides the names of the assets in the Asset Map in Admin mode that the user doesn't have read access to. Instead of the asset name, it will now read "Restricted Asset". This was enabled to be consistent with the front end behaviour where the same restriction already applies.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #8316: Pasting lists from word removes first word in first list item and incorrectly formats the list in IE
  • Bug #8306: Viper press space key at the end of a paragraph does not insert space
  • Bug #8291: LDAP Custom Authentication Filter stops working after upgrading to
  • Bug #8287: Unable to save Form Page on the contents screen of a Custom Form in Edit+
  • Bug #8278: Template selection list is empty if editing contents on content container directly
  • Bug #8271: Cloning Container Template clones linking and usage attributes as well
  • Bug #8267: Wrapping on paragraph text in WYSIWYG fields is set incorrectly
  • Bug #8243: Metadata related asset field throws JS warning error in Edit+ if JS API root node is not set to root asset
  • Bug #8228: Comments marks still shows when you switch Editplus interface from Edit to Preview mode
  • Bug #8218: Edit+ Preview Screen resize handlers need to be repositioned and have animations updated
  • Bug #8052: Status of the child asset which doesn't allow user to set metadata values can be forcefully changes with SOAP request or JS API
  • Bug #6812: Classic WYSIWYG's "Replace Text" plugin fooled when a custom font is applied to the bullet/number
  • Bug #8184: Word file search index
  • Bug #6209: Minor WYSIWYG Bug in FF where cursor moves to the top after a sentance
  • Bug #8303: Duplicate keyword is added on keyword select box in online quiz asset
  • Bug #8300: The 'src' attribute of the 'iframe' html entity is stripped form wysiwyg containers when you acquire locks on the asset
  • Bug #8299: installation step 3 of a fresh Matrix sometime triggers php warning "" is not a valid value for attribute "selection"
  • Bug #8288: Invalid %globals_asset_contents% keyword throwing PHP notice
  • Bug #8284: Trailing slash redirect disabled with query string
  • Bug #8279: Image upload button in Viper on FF doesn't open if popups are blocked
  • Bug #8262: Image mouse selection in WYSIWYG containers does not work as expected in IE 8,9 and 10.
  • Bug #8258: IE8 Editplus JS error when a page has a nested div in it
  • Bug #8250: In Edit+ 'All Day' 'Single Calendar Events' end date is always set to todays date on Save
  • Bug #8247: SOAP Submission Action will be failed silently if the field is too large
  • Bug #8246: "asset_metadata_" keyword in the Logical Condition of Asset Conditions does not save additional value
  • Bug #8238: If there are multiple URLs in a HTTP_Request attribute using OAuth 1 authorization, the second and subsequent URLs get multiple Authorization headers
  • Bug #8225: Database not restored properly when asset is deleted
  • Bug #8222: SAML Account Manager error entry_asset index undefined
  • Bug #8220: Online Quiz - question order not being randomised
  • Bug #8215: Sugar CRM token "You do not have write permission to save the Access Token"
  • Bug #8208: Incorrect changes made warning when contents haven't changed
  • Bug #8198: SAML Account manager needs to be able to handle GET parameters for redirect url
  • Bug #8195: Errors cloning assets
  • Bug #8192: Set Metadata Trigger Action with Asset Metadata Updated Event causes Matrix Timeout (endless loop)
  • Bug #8161: Pressing backspace in WYSIWYG content not triggering "save" button in <= IE10
  • Bug #8159: Setting default value on metadata select field can sometimes be incorrect
  • Bug #6993: Update Custom Form "Upload Youtube Submission Action Section" to use OAuth 2.0
  • Bug #5334: Hide commit button when editing HTML in WYS

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