Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #4508: Provide some way to change column widths in asset finder to improve find-ability
  • Minor Enhancement #6824: Allow Squid Cache Clear Tool to also clear arbitrary URLS
  • Minor Enhancement #7917: Add restricted root nodes setting to related metadata field
  • Minor Enhancement #8236: Make Matrix serve JSON files with the right header
  • Minor Enhancement #8244: Asset finder in Edit+ shouldn't re-load every time you open it
  • Minor Enhancement #8283: Add Ace code editor for SOAP request message XML code area
  • Minor Enhancement #8314: Quick search in Edit+ should allow opening links in new window
  • Minor Enhancement #8328: Keyword replacements for workflow messages
  • Minor Enhancement #8379: Do not Filter Frontend Input for Simple Edit User
  • Minor Enhancement #8390: Improve related metadata fields in read-only mode in Edit+
  • Minor Enhancement #8391: User Morphing: Change label 'System User' to correct 'System Administrator'
  • Minor Enhancement #8416: New asset contents raw keyword to print the raw contents of containers without their content
  • Minor Enhancement #8420: Improve note on Set File Content option on the JS API details screen
  • Minor Enhancement #8426: Remap Manager Download CSV should be in same format required for Import
  • Minor Enhancement #8438: Add pmf mime type

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #7757: Import Bulkmail Users Tool fails when CSV file has '&' in its name
  • Bug #7899: Export - Import Assets from xml not applying workflow schema to assets
  • Bug 7966: Pagination not working in Preview mode
  • Bug #8002: automatically add remaps cannot be disabled
  • Bug #8254: Editing links in IE9 breaks Edit+ interface
  • Bug #8261: Broken Links Report - Ignore links in HTML comments
  • Bug #8263: Broken Links Report - Allow anchor for PDF files
  • Bug #8273: %asset_sibling_prev% and %asset_sibling_next% only show TYPE_1 links, should show TYPE_1 and TYPE_2.
  • Bug #8290: Links in workflow log on workflow screen opens admin screens up within the editing frame incorrectly
  • Bug #8297: Safe edit warning message doesn't disappear after changing status in Edit+
  • Bug #8298: Metadata Selection Field - Checkbox - Option Key doesn't allow 0 value
  • Bug #8302: Setting future status on recurring event asset in Edit+ creates 2 future status jobs
  • Bug #8308: Related Asset Metadata field doesn't disable the use default button
  • Bug #8321: system_integrity_fix_sort_orders.php script should include Type 3 links
  • Bug #8331: File::getContent() not handling safe edit mode
  • Bug #8335: Invalid global keyword %globals_asset_contents:XXX% throwing error
  • Bug #8336: If there are no templates to choose from, the template list shouldn't show
  • Bug #8348: Open in new window not working in Viper source editor in admin
  • Bug #8359: question_group_xyz_score_category_supplement_text not working
  • Bug #8384: Bodycopy container of type "Table" not accessible anymore
  • Bug #8400: Custom form performance problem
  • Bug #8403: Custom Form Select Question does not perform Empty option validation when set to Multiple
  • Bug #8404: Custom Form Text Contains Validation Rule on Select question throws PHP warning
  • Bug #8409: Styling on tag metadata field needs fixing
  • Bug #8413: Couple of issues in HPRM Saved Search page
  • Bug #8414: Related metadata field has extra closing in read only mode in admin
  • Bug #8421: Section and article block element missing from Edit+ on content container properties
  • Bug #8425: Edit+ content screen with Viper freezing if the asset id if of the bodycopy content is big number when saving
  • Bug #8428: SOAP request failing when using namepace in the request
  • Bug #8430: system_integrity_fix_duplicate_rollback_entries.php not fixing the duplicate entries with "opened" sq_eff_to field
  • Bug #8433: SAML Account Manager failing to redirect properly
  • Bug #8437: Update note on purge trash screen to reflect link age only checking the first trash link's age
  • Bug #8441: The input of user_group_names of Trigger Action - Assign User To Groups is appending for every commit
  • Bug #8463: Release Locks button in Edit screen with classic WYSIWYG throwing JS error in IE
  • Bug #8466: Metadata thesaurus tags disappear from list after you add any

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