Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #5909: Asset Listing - Order by Asset Map
  • Minor Enhancement #6788: Trigger action for updating SugarCRM Record ID on User asset
  • Minor Enhancement #7065: Ability to pass dynamic parameters to asset_contents keyword
  • Minor Enhancement #8598: Add preview screen to file bridge assets
  • Minor Enhancement #8699: Generate SSH key by default for new Matrix installs
  • Minor Enhancement #8799: Content Templates should have web paths screen
  • Minor Enhancement #8807: New keyword - event_duration_ical
  • Minor Enhancement #8815: Ability to chain begin, else, end keyword conditions
  • Minor Enhancement #8861: Git and File Bridge assets should not try and render text based files within the interface
  • Minor Enhancement #8878: Performance mode enhancement to show time spent including/processing server side JS files.
  • Minor Enhancement #8879: Global keyword processing on server-side JavaScript files should be optional, per-file.
  • Minor Enhancement #8944: Show asset ID for system asset export error.
  • Minor Enhancement #8945: Add type_code parameter to system_apply_metadata_schema.php.
  • Minor Enhancement #8946: Ability to escape reserved characters in keywords and modifiers.
  • Minor Enhancement #8983: Remove system error codes from front end user friendly error messages.
  • Minor Enhancement #9015: Remove "data_source_record" keyword versions on db datasource query page.
  • Minor Enhancement #9050: Add the keyword "nested_post_XXX' to access post variables in nested assets.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #7760: publish_static_content.php is broken with Redis.
  • Bug #8510: Admin mode doesn't handle Squiz Edge ESI well when previewing content container with ESI tag using keywords.
  • Bug #8572: Don't enable triggers when executing trigger_action_set_design_parse_file.
  • Bug #8630: Edit+ Analytics - Selected base URL not being remembered as default.
  • Bug #8780: In Edit+ if user has not first/last name, the current User message is shown as  'Logged in as null null'.
  • Bug #8845: Online quiz question ordering can't match asset tree order.
  • Bug #8876: Linking screen pagination breaks on assets whose links are changing rapidly.
  • Bug #8892: Hitting forward delete in latest Firefox introduces invalid character and breaks commit in Matrix.
  • Bug #8893: Content Container is not storing the attribute based on the global preference default content type.
  • Bug #8895: Undefined offset: 0 error when setting the default field to a decimal number on a select field.
  • Bug #8904: Using a dash (-) in a metadata field name causes it to not display in a Simple Edit Layout.
  • Bug #8917: User with write permission cannot create Online Quiz form.
  • Bug #8940: Matrix getting User Group preferences from the Groups where the User does not belongs.
  • Bug #8951: Cloning a Form Section with customised format bodycopy will throw a fatal error.
  • Bug #8952: Error message contains password.
  • Bug #8953: Cannot set new options for the Online Quiz Multiple Choice Question.
  • Bug #8969: Custom Form Sections have the incorrect default value for the Customise Format option on Details screen.
  • Bug #8988: The link to the version of matrix no longer works.
  • Bug #9005: Pasting or drag-dropping image into Viper in Admin doesn't let you interact with it.
  • Bug #9012: LDAP Groups load incorrectly with # character.
  • Bug #9022: Editing an Asset using an asset builder not firing regenerate metadata.
  • Bug #9027: typo in the JS_API.
  • Bug #9029: In FF, pressing Enter after a <li> that has an anchor will split following list items into a new list.
  • Bug #9042: In FF when entering text into a blank WYSIWYG container doesn't automatically create <p> tag.
  • Bug #9047: Viper removes spaces between words and tags that don't have words in them.
  • Bug #9065: Invalid characters pasted into the source view of WYSIWYG can break content.
  • Bug #9084: Inserting a HR directly before an image causes the image to disappear.

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