Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #6547: Option to disable trigger action/condition in the trigger
  • Minor Enhancement #8628: Ability to add multiple filters in a Data Source Asset -> Records Filter screen
  • Minor Enhancement #9207: File names on new file assets should not have extension appended if already present
  • Minor Enhancement #9242: Replace old remap with a new one (or delete and add) in Remap Manager
  • Minor Enhancement #9382: New keyword to return the file asset's physical file's last updated date
  • Minor Enhancement #9389: Performance improvements for Edit+ Linking Screen
  • Minor Enhancement #9438: New keyword for asset_type_code

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #7679: Set the default value of the numeric html5 text field to the defined min value for Asset Selections in Asset Listings
  • Bug #8684: Export/ Import XML - Account Manager User Logged In Form content container is removed on import
  • Bug #8689: Chrome can't play large videos served from matrix when they are restricted
  • Bug #8838: Thumbnail Asset Details screen has incorrect label
  • Bug #8840: When in Rollback mode, file assets get an incorrect warning message when editing file with 'Edit File'
  • Bug #8899: Problem with required fields on Asset Builder
  • Bug #9150: Inconsistent Unknown User behavior
  • Bug #9197: asset_urls keyword not returning a true array for single calendar events
  • Bug #9260: Don't enable triggers when creating thesaurus terms
  • Bug #9265: Upcoming event list is not displaying the recurring events in specific condition
  • Bug #9266: JS API updateLink() function unexpectedly updating the link value and type
  • Bug #9272: Missing translation error for asset.workflow.announce.approve in some circumstances
  • Bug #9274: Automatically creating a new user through SAML Account Manager causes database connection imbalance
  • Bug #9285: Attempting to login as a User that is Under Construction throws PHP Warnings.
  • Bug #9290: Setting "Asset Screens" restriction on the User Group for the "Advanced Keyword Match" trigger condition breaks the screen
  • Bug #9300: Edit+ reset image dimensions leaves Save button disabled.
  • Bug #9306: In some specific condition, upcoming event list will not display the number of events as set in Number of Events to show
  • Bug #9312: Viper insert link plugin fails to active the Save button in Edit+
  • Bug #9319: Applying a Metadata Schema to another Metadata Schema does not cascade to the Metadata Fields.
  • Bug #9322: LDAP entry with missing attributes in the LDAP dir will throw undefined index errors
  • Bug #9325: Error is displayed when attempting to clone the design assets
  • Bug #9326: In the Simple Edit Layout of the Create Form Customisation of the Asset Builder, an empty keyword replacement is returned for the field's ID layout keyword if the field keyword in not used
  • Bug #9335: __data/ Web Path still exists after disabling unrestricted access using set_files_unrestricted.php
  • Bug #9340: Session Handler Unserialize issue.
  • Bug #9390: When adding a non-existent or non-publicly accessible 'Link For The XML Feed' URL in XML Data Source Asset, PHP warnings are shown.
  • Bug #9399: rollback management script reset rollback should not enable rollback if it isn't already enabled
  • Bug #9404: Git Bridge needs to ensure the "git" stays on the bridge asset's public data dir
  • Bug #9407: add new asset finder clear button, breaks the asset map.
  • Bug #9410: Changing the status on the asset with dependant children will "update" the dependants only
  • Bug #9432: Problem with uploading rar files via Edit+
  • Bug #9436: Edit+ linking screen showing warning if the asset is noticed linked to the asset in the trash
  • Bug #9446: Asset selector in the Edit Layouts section in Layout manager will contain a reference to deleted assets and displays Unknown Asset.
  • Bug #9468: SQL error when getting container template on a orphan or non-exist container
  • Bug #9469: Redirection problem in Edit+ when Root URLs Requiring Secure Login is set in system configuration.
  • Bug #9471: Problem in cloning the asset when the name and short name field of the asset have more than 255 characters.
  • Bug #9476: Unable to sort, when metadata field is set on Asset Grouping screen on asset listing page
  • Bug #9477: Asset Map within tool popups in Classic WYSIWYG needs to have a set width.
  • Bug #9491: Cant add keyword from Viper toolbar to newly created Asset

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