Bug Fixes

  • #8326 - Send Email Form Action - textarea in the Text version of the Body needs surrounding space removed
  • #8489 - HIPO setting 'Clone Asset Threshold' not working as expected
  • #8675 - Related Asset Metadata field on Asset does not update when Assets exported as XML
  • #8774 - Workflow started email not replacing meta keywords
  • #9167 - Exit code doesn't indicate failure during install/step01.php
  • #9228 - Online Quiz Multiple Choice Question 'Question Text' section has a additional wysiwyg that is not used, it should replace the Text Input.
  • #9553 - Required Attributes screen on SAML account manager doesn't work
  • #9612 - in Asset Display Name is removed on move and link operations
  • #9714 - Duplicate field label in form insert keywords
  • #9745 - Setting an Online Quiz to use Interactive Mode throws PHP error
  • #9879 - Importing Exported XML that has multiple root nodes will add all but the first node to the root level.
  • #9927 - XML Export Import of an Online Quiz does not convert keywords in Form and Email sections
  • #10106 - Simple Edit - WYSIWYG bug - when click off it's removed
  • #10121 - Online quiz results do not order correctly
  • #10241 - Editing assets in the Asset Builder that have Metadata applied throws a fatal error.
  • #10271 - Workflow with a no steps that is applied to a Live asset will show Multiple PHP warnings when changing Asset Status to Up For Review
  • #10279 - Unable to edit metadata if gitbridge asset is deleted
  • #10281 - Account Manager translation string issue
  • #10304 - Morph Asset trigger action cannot be setup by an LDAP user
  • #10323 - Export File tool error Array to string conversion
  • #10341 - Customising Max File Upload for two User Groups results in PHP warning and no limit to upload
  • #10342 - Conditional keywords should evaluate for empty keywords
  • #10348 - Keywords not enabled when editing asset with asset builder page
  • #10352 - Keyword modifiers don't work on online poll keywords
  • #10357 - Bug in on Custom Form when "Allow Public Incomplete Submission" is turned on and user is logged out
  • #10360 - Issue when moving/linking multiple assets under a parent that already has at least 1 asset linked from the source list
  • #10373 - In the Online Poll Past Question Format, is being printed on the frontend.
  • #10377 - Keyword modifiers that check for empty values consider the string of "0" to be empty
  • #10386 - Design not regenerating for the design menu area with "id_name" attribute containing alphanumeric value
  • #10388 - Setting metadata value by frontend user will bring in extra space for html tags and quotes
  • #10389 - Asset Listing Page will return error if Dynamic Parameters attributes are set to Return Empty result and using Custom Grouping
  • #10406 - In WYSIWYGs,  the highlight for the table selection eg rows/column/cell is sitting above the Viper inline menu, causing selection issues
  • #10407 - The "No Content Div" doesn't appear in empty WYSIWYG areas
  • #10408 - Array keywords with modifier not working in Paint Layout
  • #10418 - Snippet list in the WYSIWY's Matrix Snippet keyword dropdown not in asset map order.
  • #10420 - Metadata schema with metadata data fields will not saved date value,  when metadata schema is used in asset builder which creates a multiple assets
  • #10429 - Remove Code type from the Content Type drop down list on Content Containers in Edit+

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